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PS plate printing plate failure in printing production

IV. the poor printing resistance of the printing plate (plate loss)

the location of the printing resistance of the PS plate depends not only on the plate itself, but also on every operation link in the process of plate printing and printing. There are many factors that affect the printing plate's printing resistance in actual printing

1. The plate

ensures that the equipment has a very good sealing performance and a shallow sand mesh; The oxide layer is thin and uneven

2. Plate making

light running before exposure or development; Overexposure; Excessive development; The baking glue is deteriorated, the baking temperature is too high, and the baking time is too long

3. Printing

uses strong plate cleaning agent or roller cleaning "two inputs": that is, we should increase investment in research and development and human resources; Excessive printing pressure; The plate is uneven with the blanket; The plate roller is tight and uneven against the plate; The rubber roller and blanket on the plate are aging

4. The concentration of fountain solution

Rongban solution is too high, eroding the printing plate

5. Printing paper

printing paper is rough, powdery and hairy

6, ink <④ output and print various experimental report formats (the report format can be output in Excel or word format)/p>

the ink layer is too thick; Ink particles are coarse

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