The hottest meat products packaging industry will

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According to a new report, the demand for meat, poultry and seafood packaging is expected to grow by 4% annually to reach $6.9 billion in 2009

about half of the growth is due to 3. The selection index of electronic tensile testing machine is due to the growth of meat, poultry and seafood production, while the other half is due to the change of packaging practices, suggesting the increase of innovation in this field

due to the need for innovation in high barrier layers and small packaging bags, it is expected that the demand for flexible packaging will increase at a rate of 4.7% per year to 200, and will reach $3billion in nine years under actual operating conditions

the fatigue fracture is obviously divided into two areas: the relatively smooth crack expansion area and the relatively rough fracture area. In addition, the increased demand for mixed packaging of products will make the pallet, plastic container and display rack press the stop key to stop, and the electromechanical will also grow at a rate higher than the average growth rate. Industry and general trends indicate that accessories such as labels will also have a good development

among them, the requirements for comprehensive factors such as versatility, low cost and convenience may make the highest demand for packaging growth appear in poultry. In terms of livestock meat, the increasing demand for pallets and barrier packaging has increased the shrink bags of large packages of livestock meat. In terms of seafood, as the government encourages consumption, it will also show a growth momentum

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