The hottest measures to prevent mechanical injury

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Measures to prevent mechanical injury and electric shock

1.1 the mixer must be placed on a solid ground and stabilized with a support or outrigger. It is not allowed to use tires to replace the support

1.2 before starting the mixing, check whether the clutch, brake, steel wire rope, etc. are in good condition, and there shall be no foreign matters in the drum

1.3 code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering of feed hopper GB50325 ⑵ 001 when lifting, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper. Fix the hopper after work

1.4 during operation, it is strictly forbidden to stretch tools into the drum

1.5 during maintenance, the hopper should be fixed and the power supply should be cut off. When entering the drum for maintenance, there should be someone outside to monitor

2 preventive measures for sawmill injury

2.1 check before operation, the saw blade shall not have cracks, and the screws shall be tightened

2.2 operators should wear protective glasses and stand on the side of the saw blade. It is forbidden to stand on the same line with the saw blade, and the arm should not cross the saw blade

2.3 the feeding must be close to the mountain, and it is not allowed to push too hard and slowly; The material can be received only after 15cm of the saw blade is discharged. It is not allowed to pull hard by hand. The short and narrow material should be pushed with a stick, and the material should be received with a planer hook

2.4 timber exceeding the radius of the saw blade shall not be sawed

3 preventive measures for winch injury

3.1 the winch should be installed in a flat and solid place with good vision, and the body and ground anchor must be firm. The center line of the winch drum and the guide pulley shall be vertically aligned, and the distance between the winch and the guide pulley shall not be less than 15m

3.2 before operation, check the steel wire rope, clutch, safety ratchet, transmission pulley, etc., and confirm that it is safe and reliable before operation

3.3 the steel wire rope must be arranged neatly on the drum, and at least 3 circles should be reserved during operation

3.4 technical specification for testing the compressive strength of masonry mortar by non penetration method jgj/t 136 ⑵ 001 during operation, someone is allowed to cross the steel wire rope of the winch

3.5 when lifting heavy objects to stay in the air, in addition to the use of brakes, ratchet safety should be used at the same time

3.6 do not leave the post without permission during operation

3.7 obey the command signal of the commander during work. When the signal is unclear or may cause an accident, stop the operation and continue the operation after the situation is clarified

the machine should be verified on an annual basis

3.8 in case of sudden power failure during operation, the knife should be pulled immediately and the carrier should be put down

4 preventive measures for tower crane injury

4.1 the driver should be familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of tower crane, have basic knowledge of mechanical maintenance, maintenance, mechanics, operation and safety knowledge of electric control system, selection and use knowledge of steel wire rope, lifting signal, safety operation procedures, be qualified after training, and be issued an operation certificate by the competent department, Before starting up

4.2 before operation, the driver must check whether the tower crane is normal

4.3 the operator and the commander below shall be familiar with the lifting and transportation command signal of the tower crane. At the same time, communication equipment shall be provided to facilitate operation contact. In case of high-altitude operation of hoisting, the operation shall be stopped in case of wind force above force 6

4.4 it is strictly forbidden to operate the crane without an operation certificate. Do not operate after drinking. Stop operation in case of heavy rain and fog, turn on the electric switch and turn off the main power supply

4.5 it is forbidden to adjust the maintenance work during crane operation. In case of abnormal faults during operation, stop the machine in time. Before inspection, first remove the heavy objects and cut off the power supply, find out the causes, and then continue the operation after the faults are eliminated

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