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Taiwan's mechanical and electrical products need to rely on the complete industrial chain support of the mainland

in the case of weak global economic recovery and increasingly fierce international competition, whether it loses market share or loses the support of the industrial chain, it will suffer from extinction. According to the data of Taiwan's Ministry of economy, by the end of October this year, Taiwan's export orders had accumulated to 359.68 billion US dollars, a decrease of 12.57 billion US dollars or 3.4% over the same period last year

if there is no order growth from the mainland, this report card will be even worse. According to statistics, in October this year, orders from the mainland and Hong Kong increased by 7.4% year-on-year. Orders from Japan fell 13.1% year-on-year

in the context of Global trade contraction, Taiwan's trade dependence on the mainland is reaching an unprecedented high. According to the data of Taiwan's statistics department, Taiwan's import and export trade volume in 2015 was US $522.563 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 13.19%; However, the proportion of cross-strait trade in its total trade volume reached 36.02%, a record high

Taiwan's economic dependence on the mainland is not only reflected in the amount of trade. Due to the narrow market on the island, it is difficult for Taiwan to build a complete industrial chain. Many advantageous industries exported by Taiwan funded enterprises, such as mechanical and electrical products, need to rely on the support of the mainland's complete industrial chain in order to obtain greater international competitiveness. Foxconn has become the leading enterprise in the OEM industry by relying on the perfect industrial chain in the mainland

in the case of weak global economic recovery and increasingly fierce international competition, whether it is the loss of market share or the loss of industrial chain support, it will suffer from extinction

where is the north-south road

sample parameters and preset parameters and results after Tsai ing Wen was elected, the relationship between the two sides of the Strait is rapidly cooling down. However, in the past decade or so, the economic relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits have been deepened from economic and trade exchanges to the capital level, and the countless ties are by no means blocked by verbal disputes

the market scale in Taiwan is small, and some industry leaders who need a large market scale, such as retail, fast-moving consumer goods and other industries, have already focused on the mainland market. Typical representatives are retail and consumer goods giants such as Gaoxin retail, Master Kong, uni president and China Wangwang

at present, these companies have actually formed a unique capital model across the Taiwan Strait and three places: the major shareholders are from Taiwan, the market is in the mainland, and the listing is in Hong Kong. Among them, Master Kang, Tongyi and Wangwang are also listed in Taiwan. The turmoil in the mainland market has a direct impact on Taiwan's stock price. In fact, the investment income of countless Taiwan investors has also been closely related to the mainland market

these enterprises are deeply integrated with the mainland market. The wealth of the families behind the enterprises largely depends on the relationship between the two oxygen recognition indexes and the development of their subordinate enterprises in the mainland, which has long been unable to be cut

recently, Huang Jinta, chairman of the industrial and Commercial Bank of Kaohsiung Medical equipment and materials industry, who attended the founding meeting of the Taiwan cross border E-Commerce Association. 2. The protection levels for oily particles are kp90, kp95 and kp1003 respectively, said: cross strait relations are currently stuck in the 1992 consensus. If Tsai ing Wen's authorities do not make adjustments, Taiwan's economy may be ruined within two years. He also said: Taiwan's economy is getting worse and worse, coupled with the lack of mainland tourists, it is estimated that 200 medical beauty clinics in Taiwan will be closed by the end of the year

Taiwan's "Wang Bao" said: since the new Taiwan authorities came to power on May 20, more than 20 tour bus companies have closed, and 70% of restaurants and tour guides that exclusively deal with mainland tourists have closed or no jobs

the Taiwan authorities are currently vigorously promoting the new Southward Policy. The new Southward Policy is intended to affect the development of Taiwan's business community to ASEAN, South Asia and other places; This is mainly to reduce the economic and trade dependence on the mainland. However, the new southbound direction is not going well. Formosa Plastics was recently investigated by Vietnam, requiring it to pay taxes and fines for wastewater discharge, which required a total of $570million. Many Taiwan enterprises have questioned whether the authorities can protect their local investment, and believe that the Southward Policy towards Vietnam, India and other countries has actually gone bankrupt

looking at the investment and business situation of many benchmark Taiwan funded consortia in the world in the past few decades, their courtesy and care in the mainland are incomparable in other places. Not only can we take advantage of the huge market and abundant labor resources on the mainland, but also enjoy multiple concessions in land, taxation and other aspects. Many Taiwan funded enterprises actually enjoy super national treatment on the mainland

take Gaoxin retail, the parent company of RT mart, as an example, about three of its stores have become self-owned properties, and the self-owned proportion is not only higher than private retail giants such as Suning yunshang, but also higher than most state-owned retail giants. Without the support of the mainland for Taiwan businessmen over the years, this situation would definitely be difficult to form. At a time when physical retail enterprises are generally in crisis, Gaoxin retail can still maintain a considerable profit level, and the key factor is the huge self-sustaining property

there may be similarities and differences in views, cultures or differences, but the deep integration of people's livelihood and economy has long been irreversible. Where is the northbound and southbound road

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