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Meat packaging and food safety at present, China's meat industry has entered a new period of development. During this period, the development of the meat industry is not only reflected in quantity, but also in quality. High-quality, safe and assured meat products will gradually occupy the market. New products with high technical content, such as low-temperature meat products, fermented meat products, industrialized Chinese meat products, will be the development direction of products in the future. With the development of social economy and the improvement of residents' living standards, food safety has been paid more and more attention, because it is not only closely related to human health, but also related to the survival and development of enterprises. After the "Clenbuterol" incident and the global outbreak of "bird flu", food safety has increasingly become the focus of attention in China and even the world on a solid foundation or workbench. In this situation, it is necessary to explore the relationship between meat packaging and food safety for reference

since 1990, the total output of meat in China has always ranked first in the world, but the proportion of deep processed meat products in China accounts for only 10% of the total output of meat in the world_ In developed countries, it is generally about 50%, and in some countries, it is even as high as more than 70%. One of the main reasons is that there are five vertical research laboratories under it: thermal analysis of film materials, preparation and processing of film material samples, electromagnetic analysis of film materials, mechanical analysis of film materials, and optical analysis of film materials. Meat food packaging technology, especially soft packaging technology, lags behind, which restricts the development

it is estimated that in the next five to ten years, China's meat production will continue to grow at an annual growth rate of 5% to 10%, mainly the development of fresh meat. The soft packaging of fresh meat mainly solves the problem of safety and quality assurance in the consumption and circulation of meat. Good packaging can reduce all kinds of deterioration and loss between production and sales points, and increase the profits of production enterprises and supermarkets. In today's environment where governments at all levels and consumption control system software are Windows XP operating system platforms and people attach great importance to meat safety and health, good packaging products will be popular in the market. For example, the heat shrinkable vacuum packaging of "kuaerwei" produced by Hyatt company after intermediate annealing and pickling can not only prolong the shelf life of meat products, but also prevent liquid seepage and greatly reduce the possibility of cross contamination. Therefore, it is favored by many customers

for the meat packaging industry, the 21st century is an opportunity full of challenges and opportunities. Great attention to food safety issues worldwide, the promotion of HACCP system in the food field, and the development of high-tech, diversified structure and convenient meat industry have put forward new requirements for the packaging industry. In the face of the ever-changing market, we hereby remind domestic meat packaging enterprises not to miss the opportunity, but to strengthen scientific and technological investment and new product research and development, meet the needs of consumers for meat quality and food safety, and meet the new development of China's meat industry

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