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Measures to ensure the safety of the nuclear power plant

1. Conduct normal shutdown

2. When the normal shutdown fails for any reason, the control rod automatically falls into the reactor and implements automatic emergency shutdown

3. If the control rod cannot be inserted for any reason, high-depth boric acid water will be automatically injected into the reactor to realize automatic emergency shutdown. When the engine is close to one and sealed, a variety of similar protection measures are taken for all important equipment, such as setting up two independent and reliable external power supplies. When one external power supply is cut off due to an accident, it can automatically switch to the other power supply. What if one or two external power supplies are cut off at the same time? never mind. There is also an emergency power supply provided by diesel generators in the nuclear power plant

special safety facilities

the main factor that restricts the development of biodegradable soy protein plastics is that the price is relatively expensive. A loss describes the safety and reliability of a thing, and the nuclear power plant has made careful preparations for this highly unlikely loss, which is a special safety facility

we can assume that this loss is due to the fracture of the primary main pipeline with thick pipe wall. At this time, special safety facilities are put into operation. First, inject high-pressure water into the reactor to prevent the reactor from burning dry; After the pressure was reduced, the low village water injection system worked and continued to inject water into the reactor for cooling. At the same time, the containment is automatically isolated from the outside world; The spray system on the top of the safety part automatically sprays cold water to reduce the temperature and pressure of the containment; The hydrogen elimination system is put into operation to remove the hydrogen that may cause explosion

quality assurance system

nuclear power plants have a strict quality assurance system

there is a single quality assurance program for each specific activity in each stage of site selection, design, construction, commissioning and operation

in addition, internal and external supervision systems are also implemented to supervise and inspect the quality assurance program and the first draft and whether they play their due role. The quality assurance system has strict regulations on the selection, training, assessment and appointment of personnel participating in the work of nuclear power plants. Taking the operator as an example, it is required to select personnel with good basic quality, certain academic qualifications and work experience, who can take the post only after passing the classroom, nuclear power plant simulator and nuclear power plant actual operation training, and then passing the national examination to obtain the operator license. After work, retraining and regular assessment will be carried out, and the license will be revoked if it fails

measures taken by the state to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants

set up a national coordination organization

the nuclear power leading group of the State Council and the nuclear power office of the State Development Planning Commission are responsible for the guidance and coordination of nuclear power construction and safety management

The State Council authorizes China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to exercise the competent function of nuclear power plants. As the leader of the safe operation of nuclear power plants, CNNC has set up a special administration and Supervision Bureau for the construction, operation and safety protection of nuclear power plants to strengthen the special leadership, guidance, management and supervision of nuclear safety. Establish a national nuclear safety supervision agency

in October 1984, China established the national nuclear safety administration. As a national nuclear safety supervision agency, its basic function is to implement independent safety evaluation and supervision of civil nuclear facilities in accordance with China's laws and regulations. The State Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of health are respectively responsible for independent supervision, inspection and evaluation of environmental quality, occupational safety and personal safety

formulate and improve the regulatory system for nuclear safety protection

the State Council has promulgated the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the safety supervision and administration of nuclear facilities for civil use (avoiding carbonization of window protective film), and the national nuclear safety administration, the environmental protection administration, the Ministry of labor, the Ministry of health and other departments have also issued the first draft on the site selection, design, operation, quality assurance, radiation protection and waste management of nuclear power plants Occupational safety and health and other safety regulations, as well as basic standards for radiation protection. China National Nuclear Corporation issued a series of technical standards. In the future, some laws and regulations will be promulgated to gradually form a complete supporting nuclear safety protection standard system

implement the safety license system for nuclear facilities

before the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, their operating units should submit an application for safety license to the national nuclear safety administration, submit preliminary and final safety analysis reports, and submit an environmental impact report to the national environmental protection administration. The National Nuclear Safety Administration and the environmental protection administration respectively organized relevant experts to review the report, consulted the Expert Committee on nuclear safety and environmental protection on existing problems, and consulted the relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council and local people's governments. The construction and operation safety license was issued only after the construction and operation conditions fully complied with the relevant national regulations. The operation unit can carry out the corresponding work only after obtaining the safety permit

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