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Ball machine, quick freezer and other equipment help the hot pot cooking market play a new role in Xintiandi

recently, the author saw an article about "Hangzhou citizens soaking in 'Yuanyang hot pot hot spring' to warm the winter". Of course, this "hot pot" is not another hot pot, and it cannot be eaten. With the arrival of winter, hot pot has become a "hot money" for daily meals or dinner parties. And all kinds of balls have become important ingredients in hot pot. In terms of ensuring the taste and quality of meatballs, meatball machine and quick freezing machine play an obvious role

the author learned that in "little Lotus", the competition venue of the 14th FINA World Short Pool Swimming Championships, a cold drink, dumpling and other quick-frozen food processing enterprise held a new product launch, launched new hot pot balls, and aimed at the hot pot cooking market. At present, it is the peak consumption season of hot pot, and balls are one of the indispensable ingredients of hot pot cuisine, such as fish balls, beef balls, pork balls, shrimp meat balls, vegetable balls, etc. Due to the influence of region, taste and quality, those who consume new materials that are also strong prefer hot pot balls with good taste and quality

generally speaking, meatball processing includes multiple processes, including material selection, cleaning, chopping and mixing, rolling and kneading, stuffing mixing, molding, boiling, quick freezing, etc. the processing equipment involved includes cleaning machine, rolling and kneading machine, stuffing mixing machine, meatball molding machine, quick freezing equipment, etc., which is also an important component of meatball machine processing equipment in the market. Because hot pot balls stress the strong and elastic taste, it requires more effort in the filling rolling process. Compared with manual rolling and beating, the rolling machine not only improves the production efficiency, saves labor costs, but also ensures the powerful taste and quality of the balls

it is understood that the vacuum rolling machine launched by an enterprise in Zhucheng can make the filling of Meatballs mix, flip, collide and beat each other in the drum by using the principle of physical impact, so as to fully mix and pickle, and improve the structure of meat tissue, improve the cohesion of meat, and ensure the elasticity of meatballs. In addition, users can adjust the number of rolling and kneading revolutions according to the technological requirements of the balls, so as to avoid too long or too short rolling and kneading time, which will have a certain impact on the taste of the filling of the balls

as we all know, hot pot meatballs are mostly quick-frozen food, because through rapid cooling, it can not only avoid the loss of water and juice in the food tissue, but also sometimes the failure will be eliminated after such changes. Under low temperature, it can prevent microbial reproduction, which is conducive to the transportation and preservation of meatballs and ensure the quality and safety of products. Therefore, after a series of processing and molding, the balls need to be quickly frozen with professional quick freezing equipment, so as to better extend the container life of the balls and maintain the freshness of the products

in the face of a variety of quick-frozen equipment appearing in the market, such as screw type quick-frozen machine, lifting type quick-frozen machine, push type quick-frozen machine, tunnel type quick-frozen machine, etc., quick-frozen food processing enterprises such as balls also pay attention to the selection. If the processing workshop of the enterprise is small, but the output of quick-frozen meatballs is required to be high, the edible spiral quick-frozen machine can be used. The machine adopts the spiral way to transport the balls, which has a compact structure, small floor area, and large quick freezing amount of balls, meeting the requirements of small workshops and large-scale freezing amount of balls

coal prices continue to rise unilaterally. Compared with the screw type quick freezer, in addition to its small size and small floor area, the push type quick freezer also has the advantages of quick freezing, energy saving, easy operation and so on. Because the tunnel type quick freezer can ventilate both up and down, the quick freezing speed of balls is faster. At the same time, the belt beating device is added to change the blowing mode, so as to increase the face-to-face blowing area of the balls, so that the cooling speed is fast, and it is not easy to frost, which effectively reduces the frequency of manual defrosting and shutdown, and can be produced continuously for a long time, saving production costs

in the catering market in 2017, hotpot dominated more than 20% of the economy. It is undeniable that the hot pot cooking market has unlimited potential. Indeed, it is worth mentioning that if enterprises want to improve the market competitiveness of hot pot balls, the taste and quality of products are very important. Meatball machine and quick-frozen equipment can help them, and create a Xintiandi for quick-frozen food processing enterprises in the hot pot cooking market

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