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Wuhan metrology personnel wear protective clothing to verify 468 measuring instruments

China Quality News (Zhanghua correspondent Wu you) "the measuring instruments tested this time are those of Hubei Institute of drug supervision and inspection and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. a total of 260000 yuan of metrological verification and calibration fees are exempted." On March 6, the relevant person in charge of Wuhan Institute of metrology, testing and verification introduced that the use of torque tester equipment is generally not used every day

at the testing site of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd., the weighing tanks used in the production workshop are produced and filled in a sterile environment. The verification personnel should wear airtight protective clothing. According to the verification regulations, more than a dozen standard weights are repeated to test the indication of the sensor for many times. After a while, they are all wet in the protective clothing

when the indication of an electronic scale was found to be seriously out of tolerance and lack of instructions, the verifier wuzhibin spent a lot of time and still couldn't get the internal correction program. It was time for dinner. He simply picked up a few working meals and re invested in overcoming the problem of getting the correction program

"find the calibration program, and this scale is adjusted!" Until 5:00 p.m. on the 6th, five inspectors completed the inspection of electronic scales, electronic scales, weighing tanks and other measuring instruments

according to the introduction, the medical protective equipment of Hubei Institute of drug supervision and inspection is widely used in scientific research institutions, big 3, mobile platform guide rails, transmission screws, worm gear boxes, which should often be injected into lubricating oil colleges and universities, building materials, aerospace and other industries, as well as epidemic prevention drugs for inspection and detection. Due to traffic reasons, the operators who are present to cooperate are limited, and the verification personnel of the Institute can only rely on the instrument operation instructions by themselves, After debugging the calibration procedure, the test task can be carried out smoothly

in the process of detecting the UV spectrophotometer, in view of the deviation of the indicated value of the instrument, in the absence of operators, the verification personnel of the municipal Metrology Institute groped for the instrument operating system, relocated the wavelength of the instrument in question, and then re measured to ensure the accuracy of the value

"whether the measuring instruments are accurate and reliable is related to the life safety of front-line medical staff." Hubei Institute of drug supervision and inspection introduced that after three days of intense work, the verification personnel of the Institute have completed the metrological testing of high-performance liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV spectrophotometer, drug refrigerator, dissolution meter, biochemical incubator, constant temperature and humidity box, PCR instrument, electronic balance and other instruments and equipment of the Provincial Institute of drug inspection

it is reported that during the epidemic prevention and control period, a large number of soft tissue mass measuring instruments in front of the device are about to expire and need to be tested. Wuhan Institute of metrology, testing and verification (Research) has opened a green channel, and more than 10 testers wear protective clothing to verify and calibrate 468 measuring instruments free of charge

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