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Measures to strengthen the safe operation of electricity

in recent years, with the transformation of urban and rural electricity, the level of electrical technology and equipment has been continuously improved, and the modernization of power dispatching has become higher and higher, which has played a great role in promoting the safe and stable operation of electricity. The three conditions to ensure the safe operation of electricity are: reasonable electric frame structure; Reliable relay protection; High quality dispatcher. Professor Wang Chunsheng said that under the existing electricity structure, strengthening the dispatching management, especially the operation management of relay protection and operation mode, and real-time safety alarm are the key to ensure the safe operation of electricity

first, strengthen the operation management of relay protection

relay protection is not only the safety barrier of electric operation, but also the root cause of the expansion of electric accidents. Do a good job in the operation management of the relay protection device, so that the relay protection device is in a good running state, so as to ensure its correct action

the key to operation management is to adhere to the "three management" and "three inspections"

(I) "three good management"

1. Good management of control and protection equipment: different units of control and protection equipment are separated by obvious signs. There are signs and numbers in front and behind the control and protection screen, terminal strip and signal knife switch have double numbers, relays have double numbers, and outlet relays are clearly marked. It is convenient for inspection during operation

2. Manage the DC system and each branch insurance: regularly check the working state of the DC system and energy storage components, formulate double numbers for all insurances, regularly check the insurance number and setting table, and check the DC voltage after insurance

3. manage the pressure plate: prepare the pressure plate switching table or pressure plate diagram, check each shift, make the switching records, conduct spot check by the station (Office) head, and write the switching operation of the pressure plate into the operation ticket. At the same time, after the protection is verified or after the protection exits due to abnormal conditions, it is necessary to measure whether there is voltage at both ends of the pressing plate to prevent the protection from maloperation when the pressing plate is put into operation

(II) "three checks"

1. Inspection after power transmission: after power transmission, in addition to checking that the ammeter has instructions and the circuit breaker has been closed, it is also necessary to check that the protection and position lights are red lights. When the power is normally transmitted, Weng Yunxuan, Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for standardization of bio based materials and degradable products, told China chemical news that the signal of action is delayed and reset

2. Inspection after power failure: in addition to judging and studying how to make breakthroughs in the field of graphene, the following points are for reference: in addition to the use of sexual achievements in the projects of disconnecting the router of consumer electronics and mobile communication equipment, it is also necessary to check that the position light is green, and the signal of the instantaneous action of normal power failure is delayed and reset

3. Inspection after accident trip: in addition to checking the status and performance of the circuit breaker, it is also necessary to check the signal of the protection action, the loss of the signal relay, the contact and insurance of the outlet relay, and check the disconnection of the auxiliary contact if necessary

II. Strengthen the management of operation mode

strengthen the management of electric operation mode, we should do four main jobs:

(I) institutionalize the management of operation mode, standardize the management of electric operation mode from the system, and the preparation of annual operation mode should be based on the problems existing in the electric operation of the previous year, so as to prevent, that is, implement anti accident measures into the operation mode

(II) technically strengthen the depth of analysis of electric operation mode. In the analysis and calculation of operation mode, the stability under the fault of bus and double circuit on the same pole must be checked, calculated and analyzed; The electrolysis cases caused by the loss of two lines at the same time in important transmission sections or the tripping of tie lines should also be analyzed

(III) for the most unfavorable operation mode, accident prediction and anti accident drills should be carried out in an organized, focused and targeted manner, and preventive measures should be refined to prevent electric accidents

(IV) use computer software to establish and improve the database system and improve the modern management level of the operation mode

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