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Yangzhou woodblock printing technology inheritance and protection

woodblock printing technology has a development history of more than 1300 years in China, and is known as the living fossil of human civilization. Yangzhou is the birthplace of woodblock printing in China. Its art began in the Tang Dynasty, developed in the song and Yuan Dynasties, and flourished in the Qing Dynasty. Yangzhou block printing is an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture and has made great contributions to the development of human civilization. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Cao Yin, Cao Xueqin's grandfather, published the whole Tang poetry in Yangzhou, which was well written, engraved, proofread and printed. It was known as kangban and became a model in the history of block printing in China. Since then, Yangzhou poetry Bureau, Yangzhou book company, Huainan book company, Jiangbei Scripture carving office, Chen Heng, Shulin and other engraving and book carving institutions have come down in a continuous line

In 2006, the engraving printing techniques preserved by Yangzhou Guangling ancient books printing society were listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council; In 2009, Yangzhou Guangling ancient book engraving society was the main applicant. The technique of engraving printing which can be coated with different colors and patterns was listed in the UNESCO representative list of human intangible cultural heritage. At present, Yangzhou has well preserved nearly 300000 ancient books

however, according to the survey, Yangzhou block printing is facing a real dilemma. First, the market space for block printing is getting smaller and smaller. The labor cost of block printing is very high; Writing, carving, printing and binding are laborious, time-consuming and laborious work; A block cannot be printed in large quantities like an offset press. With the rise of modern laser Phototypesetting Technology, block printing is becoming inferior in the market competition. Secondly, block printing faces the dilemma of no successor. Due to the low income in the woodblock printing industry, few young people are willing to learn from their teachers

in view of the difficulties faced by Yangzhou block printing, Yangzhou government has strengthened the protection of intangible cultural heritage represented by the inheritance of block printing technology. According to jipeijun, director of Yangzhou Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting and publishing, since the reform and opening up, especially since the beginning of the new century, Yangzhou municipal Party committee and government have adhered to the goal of building Yangzhou into a famous city with ancient culture and modern civilization. While striving to expand the economy, develop the city (4) project environmental protection measures and environmental impact publicity, optimize the ecology and improve people's livelihood, they have made great efforts to inherit excellent traditional culture, Carry forward local characteristic culture and promote the development and prosperity of Yangzhou culture

Zeng Xuewen, President of Yangzhou Guangling publishing house, told: in order to protect and inherit the characteristic cultural heritage of block printing, Guangling publishing house has inherited the tradition of Yangzhou block printing, printed a large number of ancient block books based on the rich old editions of the press, and set up a training center for block printing skills to cultivate block printers, publish block books and inherit the block printing skills. With its elegant taste and precious edition collection value, woodblock line bound books have been greatly loved by readers

however, there is still a gap between Yangzhou's need for block printing protection and the state's support for block printing. Many old artists reported that the number of people engaged in woodblock printing skills now shows this problem, and the current engravers are facing a situation of being out of stock. The old artists said that if the domestic skills can be further improved on the basis of inheritance, and more people are attracted to be interested in the woodblock printing technology, the industry will get better development. They hope that the state can give more support in terms of policies and immediately provide cooling, finalization and funding

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