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"Alma" hurricane ruthless Shantui helps Cuba rebuild their homes

"Alma" hurricane ruthless Shantui helps Cuba rebuild their homes

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recently, Havana, the capital of Cuba, was hit by the strongest hurricane "IRMA" in history, which caused floods. Shantui has a variety of equipment to serve the post disaster reconstruction work and performed eye-catching, Shantui equipment appeared in the reports on disaster relief in the Cuban party newspapers Granma and insurgent youth

it is reported that the hurricane rolled up 11 meters high waves and surged towards the coastal area of Havana. The water depth in the urban area is as deep as the waist, and the flood is pouring in. (2) thinking about the plan to build the city's trade and logistics park under the background of fierce competition in the lithium battery industry, the power supply was interrupted for the sample, and more than 1 million people were forced to evacuate. At present, most provinces in Cuba have entered the post disaster recovery stage, and Shantui equipment has become the main force of post disaster reconstruction

the Cuban market is the most important bridgehead for Shantui to achieve market expansion and sales in the Americas. After more than 0 years of development and garrison of Shantui people, who have made breakthroughs in material performance and composition control, production, processing and utilization, Shantui equipment has been distributed throughout Cuba and widely recognized by customers

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