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Huron company launched a new efficient and clean rotational molding release agent

Huron technologies company recently launched a release coating 7391 specially for rotational molding, which has the advantages of high efficiency and cleaning

according to the introduction and the implementation of major strategies such as "one belt and one road", the release coating 7391 is a water-based semi permanent release agent. Because its surface on the mold surface is very thin, it can keep the mold in a consistent clean state, and the surface of the finished product is also smooth and free of defects. The demoulding coating 7391 can be applied to 30 products and can be reused without cleaning the mold every time, so the service life of the mold can be extended. If the mold has a sunken or raised smooth surface, the demoulding coating 7391 can replicate a more realistic surface of the tested mold

Larry rice, President of rempel roto cast's, pointed out that "Huron, a release agent technology, enables us to manufacture more effective processing, reduce downtime, and improve the service life of the mold. As a rotational molding mold manufacturer, we have a great investment in F1 (n) of rotational molding mold, and Huron, a release agent gb/t 17640 ⑴ 998 geosynthetics filament woven geotextile, has doubled our confidence!"

huron company produces and sells 7391 demoulding coating with two specifications: 5 gallons/barrel and 55 gallons/barrel. Huron also produces and operates demoulding coating products used in other broader areas

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