The hottest hwcloudlink soft terminal is officiall

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HW cloudlink soft terminal is officially launched. Go to the application market to download it

have been officially released

pleasant experience

HD video smooth audio-visual

h 265@1080P HD image quality

sec super error correction, video 20% anti packet loss

opus+netate+ajb, audio 80% anti packet loss

can meet the experiments of different materials, flexible membership anytime and anywhere

self convening

conference list, conference link one click membership

can be accessed through email, SMS, sharing link

minimalist operation, convenient and efficient

query corporate address book

automatic sign in for membership

screen sharing Raise your hand and other graphical operations

intelligent voice algorithm

there is a large market space. Anti whistle algorithm: detect whistle, automatically mute

noise suppression calculation 1 Method in the range of room temperature 10 ° C ~ ⑶ 5 ° C: reduce noise, focus on participants' speeches

* h testing machine model protection work w cloudlink desktop supports noise suppression

national secret conference is safe and reliable

registration, call, auxiliary streaming and media transmission protocol encryption

supports national secret sm2/3/4 algorithm

ciphertext transmission, data loss does not leak

code scanning Download

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