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Huntsman company introduced resin for stereo printing

Huntsman company introduced a new resin for stereo printing, which has mechanical properties similar to ABS and can maintain stable performance for a long time. Rensharp SL 7580 is an epoxy/acrylate mixture with high bending strength (2.4 GPA) and excellent elongation at break (11%); After aging for several months, it will continue to produce high elongation in many different factories. This application requires that the mechanical stability of the material be improved to eliminate the embrittlement of SL materials in the past. The new photosensitive polymer is satisfactory in terms of long-term durability, and the white opaque products produced look like ABS injection molded products. New materials can be used to make models, prototypes, etc. with good toughness and heat resistance, and the parts are particularly easy to clean and polish

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