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Husky participated in Chinaplas 2014 with advanced hot runner technology. Recently, Husky Injection Molding System Co., Ltd. announced that it would participate in Chinaplas 2014 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (April 23-26, Shanghai, China), mainly displaying the latest technology of its hot runner and temperature controller. Husky recently decided to take the hot runner and temperature controller business as its strategic focus, and pay attention to the development of innovative products and services to solve the main problems faced by customers in the injection molding process, such as gate quality, balance, ease of use and maintainability

"we are very happy to participate in Chinaplas. We have always believed that this is a very important activity, which has enhanced our exchanges and contacts with existing and potential customers in the Asia Pacific region," said Mr. Zhu Huadao, President of husky hot runner, "Husky continues to maintain a good customer base and customer relationship in the Asia Pacific region. We believe Chinaplas will help us better understand and meet the 'changing needs' of these customers."

Husky's goal of participating in Chinaplas is very clear. He will display hot runner and thermostat technologies that serve key markets, including consumer electronics, medical, automotive and bottle cap markets. The technologies shown include ultra graphene photodetector Si successfully made by scientists at the Munich University of technology in Germany. When selecting manufacturers of high and low temperature impact test boxes, it will also become very easy. De gate hot runner, ultra nozzle and its latest development in valve needle synchronous application. The newly expanded product line of altanium thermostat, including the recently launched altanium delta3 and the upcoming matrix2, will also be the features of its exhibition. Hesky will also introduce several new products at the exhibition, which can improve temperature balance, enhance valve needle control, improve gate quality and simplify hot runner installation technology to meet the needs of the industry

Husky Injection Molding System Co., Ltd. has more than 40 service and sales offices in more than 100 countries to provide support for horizontal tensile testing machines. Our company will recommend customers to you. Its manufacturing plants are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria and China

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