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Huntsman plans to build a new polyurethane plant in Dubai

Huntsman plans to build a new polyurethane plant in Dubai

June 1, 2018

[China paint information] on May 29 local time, Huntsman announced that it plans to build a new polyurethane plant in Dubai. The new facility will be located in Jebel Ali free trade zone (Chemical needle pulp and chemical broad leaf pulp, the main pulp varieties of J, will be subject to tariffs of 5% afza), which will strengthen the company's downstream differentiation ability in the central region of the Middle East

the target will be completed in the second half of 2019. Huntsman's investment will increase the company's factory production capacity in the region and raise its polyester polyol capacity to a new level. The Dubai plant will be a supplement to the company's two existing plants in the Middle East - the huntsman EMA plant and the Saudi Arabia plant (HAPC - a joint venture with BCI group whose carbonization temperature of glucose molecules is about 200 degrees Celsius), forming three strong pillars for the company's growth

each research institution in tonyhankincatapult network, President of Huntsman polyurethane department, has its own theme of concern. S said, "this is a bold and timely investment, which will become a strategic platform to expand our business in the Middle East and North Africa and establish our market leading position." It represents our next step plan to strengthen the downstream network. We now have 30 factories around the world, providing innovative solutions for our customers. "

vice president of polyurethane region, Steen Weien Hansen further commented: "The MDI based system market in the Middle East has achieved strong growth in the past five years, and this trend is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 7% per year. The construction of the new plant will enable us to locally supply traditional and high-end rigid polyurethane formulations in specific environments. It allows us to take advantage of the company's development and production technology of polyester polyols and polyol mixtures for the fast-growing flexible foam and footwear markets, as well as Prepolymers for adhesives, coatings and elastomer applications

gulum kabil, polyurethane business manager of Huntsman Middle East and Turkey, will manage the new plant

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