The hottest husky bit the wire by mistake and was

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Hasky bit the wire by mistake and was stunned and washed continuously for 30 minutes. After waking up, he still looked unconvinced. It was also stupid

now more and more people have pets at home, but we must also pay attention to the safety of pets, because they don't know what can't be touched and what can be played at home. There was such a friend who told about the experience of his husky family. It turned out that the owner was often away from home, and he could only go out to walk the dog after work

I was shocked when I came home that day. It turned out that husky was in a mess and fainted on the ground

the owner looked in the direction of the dog and found that a wire beside the wall had been bitten. Needless to say, the modern network must be used to highlight the function of the invisible market. When husky demolished his house, he bit the wire by mistake, which led to electric leakage and directly corona husky

just as the owner was about to send husky to the hospital, he woke up! Husky, who was stunned, was unconvinced. He looked at the owner silently sitting there, watching the expression. The owner was about to faint with laughter, and checked his body. Fortunately, it was OK

it's just that husky is so stupid that he dares to do anything, which makes the owner unprepared! But fortunately, hasky is now well. Looking back, he was still scared out of cold and achieved hundreds of millions of output value! So we must take preventive measures to avoid this kind of thing

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