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Zhejiang: Huzhou's first rural highway PPP project signed an investment agreement

Zhejiang: Huzhou's first rural highway PPP project signed an investment agreement

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in the afternoon of May 22, Nanxun District Transportation Bureau and Huzhou traffic engineering construction group hope that the above contents will be helpful to you. Limited company (hereinafter referred to as Huzhou Traffic Engineering Group) signed the investment agreement for PPP project of Qianjin Shanlian highway project in Nanxun District of Huzhou City and Hualin Wuzhen highway project in Lianshi town of Nanxun district without essential difference, marking that the project has officially entered the implementation stage

next, Huzhou Nanxun transportation and water conservancy investment and Construction Co., Ltd. will fully urge Huzhou Jiaogong group to register the project company and establish the project department as scheduled, so as to promote the project to enter the construction stage as soon as possible

as the first rural highway PPP project in the city, the project has a total planned investment of about 288million yuan. The project includes two subprojects, Qianshan line and Huawu line, of which the main line of Qianshan line is 9.502 kilometers long and Huawu line is 7.128 kilometers long. The completion of the project will further improve the traffic network of "one hub, two railways, five highs, three horizontals and six verticals +n" in Nanxun District, optimize the transportation system inside and outside the region, and promote the construction of a five in one urban and rural transportation system in Nanxun district

next, the Transportation Bureau of Nanxun district will carry out 30 projects in five towns, including Lianshi, Shanlian, Qianjin, Shicong and Jiuguan, with a road mileage of about 98 kilometers and a total investment of about 930 million yuan. They will be built in a unified package using PPP mode. It is expected that the bid will be opened in mid June. At that time, the scope of PPP mode construction and construction of chemical fiber efficient flexible manufacturing technology innovation platform will be further expanded, the project progress will be effectively promoted, and 100 kilometers of grade roads will be completed for the whole year, The operating rate reached 80%, laying a solid foundation

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