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Application case of Tiansi ERP Jingjia electronic insulation material company

the north wind in winter ends and the autumn is cool. At the end of the year, all things come to this moment after a year of hard work, and make a rational summary of the pay and harvest of this year. Hibernating animals have already prepared a lot of food to hide in warm holes, while hard-working people are still busy, Be prepared for greater harvest in the new year. Jingjia electronic insulation material Co., Ltd. made a major decision this year to lay a solid foundation for next year and future development. In September, it upgraded the ERP system of the company from ERP 5.2 to ERP v8.5. Both before and after using the ERP version of the manager of Tiansi, which is enough to show its deep feelings for Tiansi software. Jingjia loves Tiansi so much, and there is no reason, The reason is that Tiansi has its lovely place

Jingjia: limit electricity to a proper place

electricity is a kind of energy that people love and hate. Almost all machines and other things need the support of electricity. In this era with electricity as the main energy source, it is difficult to imagine a day without electricity. When the world is dark, the light of candles can't dispel people's fear of darkness at all. Without electricity, machines will not work and production will stop. Electricity is too important for people. But on the other hand, electricity often threatens people's life safety, especially in factories that often deal with electricity. From time to time, the news of being injured by electricity comes. There are also dangers in the use of electricity in family life. Poor quality insulating materials often lead to various unfortunate events. Therefore, we must do a good job in the control of electricity, especially the quality of insulating materials must meet the requirements of safe electricity use. Jingjia electronic insulating materials Co., Ltd. has done a very good job in this regard

Jingjia was put into production by Taiwan Jingwei Industry Co., Ltd. on October 2, 1997, with a total investment of $3 million. There are electronic workshops, cutting workshops, self-adhesive workshops, foaming workshops, silk screen printing workshops, etc., and each workshop can be used as a whole for continuous production to meet the requirements of customers. Jingjia can process all kinds of electronic insulating materials and conductive materials, such as PVC, PC, conductive cloth, conductive foam, copper foil, aluminum foil, special tape for electronics (non-woven fabric), EMI materials, etc. The main sales targets are domestic and foreign manufacturers of computer peripherals, notebook computers, scanners and audio, stationery, shoe materials, office furniture, underwear accessories, etc. Jingjia not only has advanced equipment, but also has good management and strict quality control, which ensures the interests of customers. Jingjia firmly believes that quality is made, and excellent quality allows Jingjia to limit electricity to a proper place

Jingjia and Tiansi's century encounter

in 2000, in the face of fierce market competition and the company's goal of becoming bigger and better, the management platform established by Jingjia at the beginning of its establishment can no longer meet the needs of development under the new situation. It is necessary to create a fast, stable and suitable information platform for the development characteristics of enterprises, create a digital enterprise, standardize and optimize business processes, It has become the common aspiration of the company's leaders and grass-roots managers. At the beginning of the century, before the widespread application of enterprise informatization, Jingjia took the lead in all enterprises and took the lead in applying the ERP version 5.2 of Tiansi. The staff demonstrated that the 3D image data on the computer would be sent to the 3D printer, which was about to meet with Tiansi in this millennium. At that time, Jingjia only had more than 300 people, and the sales volume was only about 40million. After adopting the ERP of Tiansi version 5.2, it brought convenience to Jingjia's management, but also saved a lot of costs, won the management leading advantage for Jingjia, and jumped to the top position in the insulation industry at one stroke

six years later, the progress of the times and the development of science and technology have brought about subversive changes in many things. Both machines and equipment, as well as knowledge and ideas, need to be updated to keep up with the pace of development. Jingjia has always maintained a rapid pace of progress in these years. Just as Jingjia is going all out to rely on the advantages of troubleshooting methods and quality advantages of automatic display of fault causes on the technology screen, and actively explore a wider range of businesses, the management of the enterprise's manual and main needle coincidence industry found that the challenges now faced not only come from external competition, but also from internal management. They know that: according to the principle of diminishing marginal effect, after the enterprise grows to a certain stage, the previous management mode and means will not be able to adapt to the expansion of the enterprise itself, and the development speed under the original mode will be greatly limited. The guide puts forward three key development directions. Jingjia's own expansion is not only reflected in the increase and complexity of the organizational structure, but also in the production control, financial relations, logistics management and other aspects of the crack growth. Therefore, Jingjia feels that it is time to make changes to ERP

Tiansi ERP makes Jingjia run faster than electronics

is it better to change a system or upgrade Tiansi erp5.2 directly? What appears in front of Jing Jia is a fork in the road. Go left? turn right? After many communications between Jingjia's senior managers and grass-roots staff, they believe that Tiansi has made great progress in recent years. Not only has the strength of the enterprise become stronger and stronger, but also the technical force and R & D strength have been greatly enhanced. Tiansi's products have become more and more famous in the industry and have a good reputation; The stable system and simple operation interface of Tiansi ERP are very suitable for the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, Tiansi has been focusing on the research and development of management software in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years, which makes its products extremely flexible and adaptable, especially suitable for order receiving enterprises such as Jingjia; Existing operators have said that Tiansi ERP is very easy to learn and familiar with the operation, the management process is not so complex, there will be no errors due to complex operations, and it is relatively humanized in the operating environment and operating habits; In addition, current managers have been used to the operation mode and management thought of Tiansi ERP, and have an indelible feeling for Tiansi software. If you reload an ERP system, the new operation and management thought will inevitably cause rejection of some people. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, Jingjia decided to directly upgrade Tiansi ERP to the latest version

after only three days, Tiansi staff upgraded Jingjia's ERP system from 5.2 to v8.5, the latest version of Manager ERP at that time. Through the upgrade of Tiansi ERP system

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