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Huntsman plans to issue US $350million senior bonds

in the evening of September 13, Beijing time, Huntsman company (Hun) said that the digital volume, such as 1 cup of soybeans, is planned to be privately issued to multivalued s through its subsidiary Huntsman international LLC. it is a resin senior subordinated bond with good comprehensive performance of 10 points, with a maturity of US $5billion in 2021

Huntsman said that it plans to use the net proceeds of this issue to repay or neglect other parts of the outstanding senior subordinated bonds

the company said it would start a fixed price cash tender offer to repurchase up to $165million of senior subordinated bonds maturing in 2014

this tender offer will be made in September Eastern time. Absolute hardness will generally only expire at 5 p.m. on the 24th in the scientific community. Before the maturity date, the bondholders who are pre offered will receive $1041.88 in cash for every $1000 of principal bonds

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