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On September 22, Jiangxi hurricane Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Aijing Petrochemical (Co., Ltd.) to jointly build China's first ethylenediamine plant, filling the gap in domestic ethylenediamine production

As an important organic chemical raw material and fine chemical intermediate, ethylenediamine has an annual domestic demand of about 180000 tons, all of which depend on imports

according to the cooperation agreement reached by both parties, the recent executive meeting of the State Council of Aijing ocean (Jiangxi) Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed that it would continue to complete the follow-up construction of China's first ethylenediamine plant, and at the same time start the construction of a second 10000 ton ethylenediamine plant, forming a production capacity of 20000 tons of ethylenediamine per year, and plans to form a scale of 50000 tons per year within three years. At that time, China will end the history of relying on imports of ethylenediamine products at one fell swoop

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