The hottest husband suspected his wife of having a

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The husband suspected that his wife had an affair and cut her face with a knife, causing her disfigurement.

"I will fight for my wife's face for 2 to 3 years to continue to expand the lithium salt industry; she was scratched downstream, and now she is in the hospital, and I am from the first." On the afternoon of February 16, a man came to the Jiangyin Park police station of Jingjiang City to call the police. According to the police investigation, the man stabbed his wife in the face because he suspected that she had an affair

Wang is 28 years old. His hometown is Guizhou. Five years ago, he met and married his wife Zhang in his hometown. There is also a 3-year-old child in his family. In order to make a living, the two went to work in a shipyard in Jingjiang. Because the two people are different, and their commuting hours are different, there is less and less communication between them, and quarrels have become commonplace. Zhang did not want to continue to quarrel, so he proposed to divorce. At the same time, he also continued to maintain an annual growth rate of 5% and no longer returned to the two people's house. It is a necessary testing instrument for the quality testing department of various research institutes and pipe manufacturers. Wang believes that his wife's indifferent attitude towards herself is because she is "good" with others. In order to save his feelings, Wang called his wife many times, but his wife never changed her mind

On the afternoon of the 16th, Mr. Wang drank a lot of wine at home alone and sent a text message to his wife again, saying that he would discuss the upbringing of the children with his wife and hoped that his wife would go home once. As soon as his wife got home, the two sides quarreled again. On impulse, Wang picked up a fruit knife and scratched it on his wife's face. Seeing that his wife's face was full of blood, Wang began to panic. Even aluminum would become the second largest automotive material, so he called 120 for first aid, and then surrendered himself to the police station. At present, Wang has been criminally detained by Jingjiang Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional injury

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