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Huzhou shut down seven high-energy consumption and high pollution enterprises such as coatings and building materials. "Huzhou hengliyuan silk Co., Ltd. is a silk reeling enterprise in the region. In recent years, its efficiency has been low and its energy consumption has always been high. In the first half of the year, we made a painful decision to shut it down, freeing up 600000 kwh of electricity and 700 tons of coal per year to support enterprises with more development prospects." A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the development and reform economic and Trade Bureau of Wuxing District told that "hengliyuan" was going through the cancellation procedures of its business license, and the local government planned to introduce a Baijiu canning project using the original plant, which was currently under negotiation

up to now, Wuxing district has shut down and transferred seven high-energy consumption and high pollution enterprises, including stone mining, textile printing and dyeing, paint and building materials, etc., freeing up a total of 8700 tons of standard coal for energy consumption, and promoting the clean-up and rectification of high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises in the region from point to area, accelerating the pace of structural adjustment. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, the company also has and operates the world's largest static suppression technology such as aviation high temperature. The comprehensive energy consumption of 10000 yuan of industrial added value in this area is expected to decline by 7.3%, and the COD reduction is 192.77 tons. In addition, all 50 enterprises with energy consumption of more than 1000 tons of standard coal in the area have signed the energy conservation and consumption reduction letter, and completed the annual energy supervision of 10 industrial enterprises and 3 large buildings, urging enterprises to use energy reasonably and standardized

promoting the application of new technologies, new processes and new equipment is the most effective and practical way to save energy and reduce emissions. In the first half of the year, 70 key projects of energy conservation and consumption reduction in Wuxing district were all started and 38 projects were completed, accounting for 54.3% of all projects. The investment completed was 380million yuan, and it is expected to save 35000 tons of standard coal. Among them, six projects, including xinkaiyuan mine waste residue recovery and new wall production project, Dagang printing and dyeing integrated energy-saving technology demonstration project, have been included in the provincial circular economy "991 action plan"; 14 projects, including the comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation project of Olympus plant area and the Hongye aluminum plastic coal to gas project, have been listed in the first batch of key energy-saving technological transformation projects in the city. At the same time, in the COD reduction project, the construction of supporting pipe works for four sewage treatment plants, including the sewage treatment plant in the eastern New Area and Bilang sewage treatment plant, is progressing smoothly, with a new COD reduction of 192.77 tons

promote enterprises' independent energy conservation and emission reduction, and encourage and guide enterprises to carry out cleaner production. At present, 15 enterprises including tuoshanwu mining, Zhongwei brewing and Huayang mining have signed "cleaner production audit contracts" with relevant intermediaries in the region. At the same time, the district further strengthened law enforcement, and found that one case was affected by price factors for the unauthorized shutdown of pollution prevention and control facilities and the illegal discharge and release of pollutants, as well as the unauthorized shutdown of automatic monitoring systems or the falsification of data. In accordance with the principle of "four not usually composed of motors, reducers and bearings, 7. Refrigerant high-voltage protection switches: protection of compressors and extension of service life", the region regularly inspects and evaluates the energy utilization of enterprises that consume more than 3000 tons of standard coal per year, and implements a listing supervision system for enterprises that fail to meet the requirements, with rectification within a time limit

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