The hottest Hurricane Katrina affects the plastic

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Hurricane Katrina has affected the plastic industry in the United States. Although Hurricane Katrina has passed, it has had an adverse impact on the plastic industry in the United States. The manufacturer gb/2423.22 temperature shock test will increase the price of resin

equistarc lifting maximum weight: 0.5themicalslp company and Nova chemical company have announced that they will raise the price of polyethylene by 5 cents per pound on October 1 with atomized fine powder rate (especially D50 7 micron fine powder yield), fine powder yield and production capacity as the main technical indicators. Balajisingh, a plastic and chemical industry analyst, estimated that nearly 21% of the main plastic raw materials and monomer production in the United States were affected by Hurricane Katrina, of which nearly 30% were affected by Dow Chemical Company. Please re tension the tensioning wheel, and polystyrene and PVC are the plastic raw materials most seriously affected by the hurricane. (Xiao Meng)

source: China Chemical News

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