The hottest husband relies on his mother to chat l

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The husband relies on his mother to chat late into the night, and the wife can't bear to negotiate with him

the mother-in-law listens to his son and is very critical of herself; The husband relies too much on his mother and has endless topics every day. On January 26, Wang Bing (a pseudonym), who worked in a state-owned enterprise directly under Suqian City, finally couldn't bear it and officially "negotiated" with her husband

according to Wang Bing, his husband Li Xiang (a pseudonym) is 27 years old. His father died of illness in his childhood. He has been growing up in a single parent family that is also suitable for tensile strength experiments of wire ropes, wires, hooks, chains and other flexible parts. "My mother-in-law used to work in the factory and has lived with us since retirement. In front of my mother-in-law, my husband has always been like a child who hasn't grown up." Wang Bing said that he didn't pay attention when falling in love and found that their mother and son were too "affectionate" after marriage. Wang Bing said that the two people talked about endless topics every day. What made him unforgettable was that he had a problem with his last pregnancy and needed to protect the fetus. He could only lie at home every day. As a result, not only did his mother-in-law complain that he didn't clean up the house, but his husband would go to his mother's room to chat with her many nights, and once even talked until three o'clock at night

the "excessive" mother-child relationship between her mother-in-law and her husband often makes Wang Bing feel distressed. Every time she complains to her husband, the other party always says that it is not easy for her mother to pull herself up. Now it is also right to be filial. Wang Bing, who had thought of forbearance, thought in his heart that maybe it would be better if he and his husband's child were born. But things backfired. After enduring again and again, Wang Bing finally had a formal showdown with her husband, saying that if this continued, he would divorce. In order to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, Li Xiang had to let his mother go home first

according to zhanghuijuan, a national second-class psychologist in our city, children from single parent families live under the wings of the rapid development of domestic safety belt enterprises since childhood. Because of the long-term formation of "love habits", many people will have some Oedipus and father complex. "But with the growth of age, this way of love should be changed, especially after marriage, parents should pass on the baton of love." Zhang Huijuan said that as far as Wang Bing is concerned, her mother-in-law can clearly know her impact on the stability of her son's transmission. If there is a problem, we should solve it first. Separation is not the only way to solve the problem

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