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Application characteristics of environment-friendly pet regeneration granulator

application characteristics of environment-friendly pet regeneration granulator

it is mainly used to process waste plastic films (industrial packaging films, agricultural mulch films, greenhouse films, beer bags, handbags, woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc., which do not change the structure and working state of the original machine and equipment, and is applicable to most common waste plastics). It is the most widely used and popular plastic recycling processing machine in the waste plastic recycling industry


1. All recycled plastics can be produced without drying or drying after classification, crushing and cleaning, and with unshakable legal efficiency

2. It is automatic from raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to making particles

3. Make full use of the high-pressure friction uninterrupted temperature rise system, automatic heating production, avoid continuous heating, save electricity and energy

4. Electromechanical separation, simpler operation and safer use

5. The screw barrel is made of high-strength and high-quality carbon structural steel, which has been built by our company with famous universities such as Tsinghua University, National University of defense technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of science and technology, Shanghai University, central China University of technology, Zhejiang University, Luoyang Institute of technology and so on

6. The appearance of the machine is beautiful and elegant. Color matching and painting can be fixed according to customer requirements due to the connection mode

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