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2017 aerial work platform development Keywords: transformation, reshuffle, safety

2017 is drawing to a close. Reviewing the development of aerial work platforms will give us a clearer and more rational understanding of the industry

from the perspective of the number of aerial work platforms, the current domestic number is only about 50000, far lower than the number of 550000 in the United States and 300000 in ten European countries. In terms of per capita ownership, Singapore has one device for every 400 people, the United States has 600 people, Europe has 3200 people, and China has one device for every 130000 people, with a larger gap. If we want to develop to the scale of ownership in the United States, the current market has more than ten times the space, and the potential is huge

with the improvement of awareness of aerial work platforms, more and more engineering construction parties choose to rent aerial work platforms, and the market is developing rapidly

in 2012, there were less than 10000 devices on the market; At present, there are about 50000 sets of equipment on the market, and nearly 500 companies have found that the counting is unstable and there are many burrs. The growth rate of 0% last year is realistic, which is the current situation of China's aerial work equipment leasing industry

is it really prosperous or a mirage

on the one hand, driven by many factors, such as the accelerated progress of the project, the improvement of safety awareness, and the disappearance of demographic dividends, aerial work platforms continue to expand. On the other hand, many good and bad enterprises vie to enter the field of aerial work platforms, resulting in some abnormal and irrational phenomena such as low product cost performance, disorderly competition, self-produced and self rented products, unstable investment and so on, which are becoming more and more intense, hindering the healthy development of the industry to a great extent

how to develop healthily

some people in the industry suggest:

pay attention to quality and cost performance first

when choosing equipment, lessors must pay attention to brand and cost performance, and avoid purchasing methods such as low price and zero down payment

change the concept of leasing and advocate equipment sharing

it is suggested to cooperate closely with Lessors in the region. First, realize the sharing of leased equipment, exchange what is needed, and avoid the idle equipment and the subsequent waste of funds; Second, we should change the concept of leasing and establish the idea that equipment can be bought and sold at any time

operation should be stable and enhance the ability to resist risks

it is suggested that lessors should cultivate intensively and step by step, maintain a reasonable level of leverage and operate steadily, and form a cooperative situation of benign competition between them

how to grasp the future

let's listen to the opinions of the authorities of aerial work platforms on the prospects and planning of China's aerial work leasing market in the future

key words: integration and reshuffle

Wang Zhijun, general manager of euryson group in China

at present, the number of enterprises engaged in the leasing of aerial work platforms in China has exceeded 500, and the average rental rate of products has exceeded 70%, which is even higher than that in Europe. The growth of China's equipment leasing industry is the driving force for the rapid development of aerial work platforms in the future. It is only a matter of time before China's equipment leasing industry will be consolidated and reshuffled

key words: sustainable development

Wu Xiaolu, marketing director of jieerjie company in Asia

China's leasing industry is still in the early stage of industry development, which is a period of strategic expansion of enterprises. In the past three years, the Chinese market has grown at an annual rate of 30% - 50%. In the next ten years, the Chinese market will continue to develop at a high speed. At present, in China, several leasing enterprises have formed a certain scale and brand influence, but the leasing market pattern is still too early. Standing at the future node of 550000 or 800000 units, more development space will come from the next five or ten years. Therefore, leasing enterprises should look at the future growth, and the long-term healthy and sustainable growth in the later period should be the real concern of everyone

key words: capital, management, team

Wu Weidong, general manager of Chongqing best Machinery Co., Ltd.

the leasing industry is an industry that requires continuous investment and long-term development of enterprises, which puts forward higher requirements for the capital, management, team and other aspects of enterprises. With the maturity of the industry and market with 61.5% Australian fine ore reported at 450 yuan/ton in Jingtang Port, in the future, whether operating general equipment or aerial work platforms, a number of powerful large-scale equipment lessors will surely emerge in the Chinese market

key words: long-term development, low debt ratio, strong

Tang Kun, general manager of Guangzhou Liluo mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

in the future, the following three types of leasing enterprises can survive and develop in the Chinese market. First, large state-owned or foreign-funded leasing companies with long-term development vision. These enterprises can constantly consolidate and expand their own strength by relying on cost control and long-term development strategies; Second, large leasing enterprises with low debt ratio, high self owned assets and good operating conditions. These enterprises have been or will be deployed in key cities across the country to meet the needs of important customers across the country for equipment leasing; Third, leasing enterprises with considerable strength in the regional market. Chaojing 10th West Road/2nd Ring South Road

these enterprises have a large number, their businesses are concentrated in a hundred miles, have good customer relations, and the cost of equipment transfer is low. In the future, the above three types of enterprises will be able to maintain long-term development and eventually enter the market maturity period. The number of large leasing companies is 10, and about two processors can be exempted at the same time

Keywords: recognition, demand, safety

Malcolm early, vice president of Skyjack global marketing

there are many internal drivers for the growth of aerial work platforms. First, China's recognition of leasing forms. At present, the acceptance of equipment leasing in the Chinese market is increasing; Second, the demand of high-end building construction and maintenance for aerial work platforms, especially large-scale and landmark projects; Third, the implementation and supervision of government safety legislation

at present, China's aerial work platform market base is relatively small, but the industry is growing, and the vigorous vitality also gathers more and more resources. We believe that with the growth of population and the development of infrastructure construction, the development of China's leasing industry is fully capable of being comparable to that of Europe and the United States

in the future, with the rise of labor costs, the economic advantages of aerial work platforms will be highlighted, and the aerial work platforms with higher safety will fully benefit. Domestic and foreign giants have laid out the Chinese market. What brands of equipment are reliable for aerial work platforms

recently, according to the business data of China's aerial work equipment manufacturers, the Organizing Committee of the global aerial work equipment summit jointly released the top 5 Chinese aerial work equipment manufacturers and the top 10 global aerial work equipment manufacturers together with China Construction Machinery magazine

among them, 7 of the top 5 domestic enterprises and the top 10 global enterprises are exhibitors of Bauma China 2016

as the leading construction machinery Expo in Asia, Bauma China 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition will be staged again at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2018. At that time, it will gather top domestic and foreign aerial work platform enterprises to interpret the latest cutting-edge technology and development trends in 2018. Looking forward to your participation

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