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There are three new trends in investment in the printing and packaging industry. Positive signals appear

V under the weak economic environment, the news of investing in the printing and packaging industry continues to appear recently. Fortunately, there are not only funds within the industry, but also funds outside the industry. Among them, there are those who buy enterprises, those who invest in new printing technologies, those who help printing enterprises listed, and those who increase the holdings of major shareholders of printing and packaging listed companies. This is an excellent positive signal for the printing and packaging industry at the low end of the industrial chain

explore transformation and upgrading in the Pearl River Delta

recently, Guangdong Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. has issued several announcements in succession. One announcement said that the company has completed the acquisition of 100% equity of its wholly-owned subsidiary, another announcement is to change the limited period of licensed business items in the business scope, and another announcement is that it plans to increase capital and stake in a professional wine production company located in Anhui Province, which will be tightened in time; Enterprises of packaging products. The three announcements are linked together. This newspaper seems to smell that this company is exploring a development path of integrating advantageous resources and expanding market sales in the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading

this is a listed printing company located in Guangdong. Its main business is the printing of paper packaging materials such as tobacco, wine and cosmetics. It is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province integrating scientific research, design, production, sales and service. The company spent 1.2235 million yuan to acquire 100% equity of its wholly-owned subsidiary, aiming to further improve the company's R & D and design links, improve the company's printing design and proofing ability in Shenzhen, and effectively realize the company's strategic layout; The reason why it plans to increase its capital and take a stake in an enterprise specializing in the production of alcohol packaging products in Anhui is that the East China region where this enterprise is located is one of the important bases for domestic alcohol production. The two sides intend to jointly expand the printing and packaging business through strategic cooperation; In its changed business scope, multinational companies licensed to operate more and more universal tensile testing machines appear in the Chinese market. The validity period of alcohol soluble gravure printing ink and printing ink is for the long-term development of enterprises. The use of environmental friendly ink is the trend of the future printing and packaging industry

nowadays, the regional advantages of Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta, are declining due to the tolerance of our failure, the rise in labor costs and the reduction of overseas orders. Labor intensive enterprises have no longer gradually withdrawn from the market due to the advantages of low labor costs, low rental costs, low raw material factory costs, etc. take clothing as an example. Recently, Nike, Adidas, and even Vanke have moved their agent factories abroad. The same is true of the printing and packaging industry. Many business projects related to printing and packaging are being transferred to the central and western regions. Therefore, the surviving enterprises pay more attention to the development of high-end products with higher profits

after nearly one or two years of pain, Guangdong has become a place for low-end labor to flow out and high-end labor to flow in. Insiders told this newspaper that the high-end industries in the Pearl River Delta have begun to make efforts, and Guangdong will be a gathering place for the manufacturing of high-end printing and packaging products

the central and western regions have become investment hotspots

perspective on the recent announcement of this listed company, which is a glimpse of the leopard, is refracting the development trend of Guangdong's printing and packaging industry, and the labor transfer path is the inevitable result of economic restructuring and industrial optimization and upgrading. At the same time, the investment pattern is quietly changing, and the central and western regions have become new investment highlights

coincidentally, Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd. is similar to the above company's plan to increase its capital to take a stake in Anhui Sanlian wood packaging Co., Ltd. to expand the high-end cigarette label market in Jiangsu, the company recently announced that it plans to purchase 49% of the equity of Jiangsu Shuntai packaging and Printing Technology Co., Ltd. with its own funds at a purchase price of 380million yuan. The company said that at present, the company's high-end products in Jiangsu Province account for a relatively low proportion, although it has 7% of the local market share. After the completion of this acquisition, Jinjia shares will increase its share in the high-end cigarette label market to a certain extent. According to the agreement, the acquisition fee will be completed in three times

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing told this newspaper that the printing industry in the central and western regions is rising, and the pattern of China's printing industry is quietly changing. According to relevant statistics, in 2011, the output value transferred from the Pearl River Delta was 17.3 billion yuan, and the output value transferred from the Bohai rim was 8.7 billion yuan, with a total output value of 26billion yuan transferred to the central and western regions

foreign capital loves the printing and packaging industry

the foreign capital mentioned here refers to funds outside the printing and packaging industry, and foreign funds are injected into the printing industry. This situation is relatively rare in recent times, and it is a phenomenon worthy of industry attention

a foreign investment of 250million yuan came from Changjiang Runfa Machinery Co., Ltd., a listed company invested by China high tech investment group. The company, which is engaged in elevator machinery accessories, has raised its stock limit for four consecutive times since it issued an announcement to enter nano printing. Those who promote the establishment of a shared platform for hazardous chemicals regulatory information sigh: as long as they are associated with nano, everything will become a hot spot for market investment

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