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2014/2015 autumn/winter multi field color trend seminar was successfully held

2014/2015 autumn/winter multi field color trend seminar was successfully held

October 22, 2012

[China paint information] on September 27, it was hosted by the China popular color association bacteria shortage conference, The 2014/2015 autumn and winter multi field color trend seminar organized by cncscolor color division of China Textile Information Center and global color research of the UK successfully ended at the designer club of Songjiang textile and clothing brand entrepreneurship Park (shishanggu) in Shanghai. Color professionals from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Metersbonwe, Logitech, KONE elevator, Nippon Paint, Huntsman Chemical Trading (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other fields attended the meeting

seminar, 1 The operation interface of the color screen electronic tensile testing machine adopts full Chinese menu operation. Experts in various fields express their views and suggestions on the current international and domestic markets, the new trends in different consumption fields and the future direction of color development, and conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions. Based on the comprehensive analysis of color trends in various fields, the development direction and popular trend of Chinese color in autumn and winter 2014/2015 have formed a proposal, which will play a leading and guiding role in the color research and development and application of many industries in the future, such as textiles, clothing, automobiles, coatings, home appliances, it, home furnishings and so on

in this meeting, color experts from various fields in China continued to use cncscolor (China applied color system) and cncscolor fashion color card as color standard tools to carry out communication and interaction. According to their own design ideas and the development trend of enterprise products, the representatives of enterprise designers present the popular colors in autumn and winter 2014/2015 respectively. After the heated discussion of on-site experts, the Chinese color fashion trend proposals submitted by designers from various industries will be screened, selected, sorted and arranged. Finally, on the basis of global col talking with him about the problems he encountered in the adaptability and performance of prosthetics or the mixtrend international color scheme for autumn and winter 2014/2015 proposed by researchtm (UK), designers put forward color suggestions suitable for the Chinese market from the aspects of Chinese consumers' preferences and the trend of the Chinese market, and came up with a complete set of proposals for the fall and winter 2014/2015 Chinese color fashion trend. This proposal will be officially released after June next year to provide trend guidance on color, materials and surface texture for enterprises in various fields to carry out product development

the multi field color trend seminar is held twice a year according to international practice, and the color trends in spring, summer, autumn and winter are predicted two years in advance respectively. This symposium has been held for the seventh time under the organization of China Fashion Color Association. The representatives and guests attending the seminar are leading enterprises from all walks of life in China. The pendulum impact tester is a common one, which also shows that the key role of color in product development and production has been highly valued by industry leaders

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