Hottest 2016cmef review - IVD industry rising star

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2016 CMEF review - IVD industry rising stars

Lloyd's electronic company participated in the China International Medical Device Expo (CMEF) for the first time, which can be said to have achieved a bumper harvest, returned with a reputation, and earned enough eyeballs and public praise. Every time we participate in the exhibition, we are famous for our exquisite design, excellent site and clear display. This time is no exception. The newly produced four groups of demonstration platforms are directly oriented to the industrial application of IVD, and vividly display the fist products of Lloyd electronic company in the way of simulating the scene

sample sorting and identification platform of the inspection assembly line

immune/molecular diagnosis sample identification platform

biochemical sample identification platform

urine/blood cell sample identification platform

in addition to high-quality products as the basis, labor easy test electronics has always been people-oriented. The three swordsmen in the IVD industry who form a new team are more temperament and strength representatives. Please look! (from left to right) Wu Tao, IVD industry manager, Ling Feng, IVD Customer Manager (East China), Zhou Youzhong, IVD Customer Manager (North) all heroes in the industry, if you need IVD (Laboratory Automation) sword spectrum sword skills, you may wish to communicate with the three heroes and seriously damage the camera. You must work hard to get through Ren Du's two veins

in order to support the Chinese team to participate in the industry exhibition for the first time, the software only deals with these simple raw data. Dr. Lutz Werner head of industry sales laboratoryautomation, Mr. will Shaffer technical project manager came to Shanghai from Germany and the United States, respectively. If our new country accidentally scraped the sheet metal, Mr. Zhang Yu also attached great importance to it and personally came to the scene to support it

Mr. wuchunjiong, product marketing manager, is carefully explaining to customers and giving them a lot of support

the current market has long been an era of fighting alone. We must rely on good products + good teams + good support = hard power. In the face of IVD, an emerging sunrise industry, we, Lloyd's electronic company, are in full readiness. With full sincerity, we are only shining for the rising stars of the IVD industry

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