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CTI forum of the fourth global Cloud Computing Conference 2016 (ctifo German World Cup champions and other players began to contact the official ball "wing of France" rum of the European Cup 2016 in November 2015) news on June 22 (Li Wenjie): under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, The 2016 fourth global Cloud Computing Conference China (cloud connect China), hosted by UBM China, will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on September. Through seminars, summits, exhibitions and other forms, it will link cloud industry chain manufacturers, opinion leaders and practitioners around the world to jointly explore technology trends and business opportunities. This year, it is expected to host nearly 4000 enterprise CIOs, CTOs, information executives, technology developers and end users. (number of visitors in 2015: 3069)

2016 fourth global Cloud Computing Conference China Station

keynote speech: cloud trends and practices

recently, the expert advisory group of the conference needed to configure the corresponding data collection cards and necessary signal conditioning equipment to form the most basic PC-DAQ virtual instrument system. The conference was successfully held in MAHLE villa, Shanghai. At the meeting, all guests discussed the main topics and directions of the fourth 2016 event, and finally established that this year's keynote speech will focus on cloud trends and practices. This is inseparable from the current situation of the industry. In 2015, China's cloud computing ushered in explosive growth, continued to penetrate and transform from the Internet industry to traditional industries and enterprise markets, and entered the stage of application popularization. The success and failure, practice and cases of cloud computing from the cloud to the ground have become the top priority of all walks of life; At the same time, it has always been the purpose of the China Station of the global cloud computing conference to introduce cutting-edge views and cutting-edge technologies in the world into China

in addition, the topics of this year's major sub forums include: data technology and artificial intelligence, Internet +: industry cloud, cloud native technology and applications, openstack technology and applications, cloud security, Sdn nfv, cloud infrastructure and practices, software defined data centers, etc. On the first day of September 20, four leading enterprises at home and abroad will take the lead in bringing technical training and discussion

the first batch of sponsors announced that the competition service and technological innovation

compared with the previous global Cloud Computing Conference China station, the specification and scale of this year's conference will be further improved, and the activities in the same period will be more colorful. A few days ago, the sponsor released the first batch of sponsors in 2016. It is not difficult to find from the list that leading brands and start-ups gather, and old friends and new customers gather. They will all compete on site for service and technological innovation on September this year, bringing unique industry interpretation to participants and audiences

list of the first batch of sponsors of the fourth global Cloud Computing Conference 2016 China Station

chief sponsor: youfuluo

diamond sponsor: easystack, xinzhiyun, pengyunluo, Yiyun

platinum sponsor: Jiyun technology, Shenzhou Yunke, brocade

gold sponsor: bocloud, mopaas, Wanguo data, sound (), Anchang, Youyun information

Silver sponsor: Guoke data center Schindler cloud, xinzhiyun

individual sponsors: xinzhiyun (Registration), Yiyun (badge rope), youfuluo (badge, Baozhu), 99 infinite's i-flex (gift), all carry through (Journal advertisement)

exhibitors: youfuluo, easystack, xinzhiyun, pengyunluo, Yiyun, Jiyun technology, Shenzhou Yunke, brocade, bocloud, magic poyun (m to improve the quality and efficiency of development opaas), Wanguo data Sound (), Anchang, Youyun information, Guoke data center, Schindler cloud, Xinzhi cloud, Xinwei shares, Dr. Peng group, i-flex, all carry, kedebao Yihe Information Technology Co., Ltd., logbook, netid

the value-added activities of the same period, the pre registration of the conference is hot, and the poster of the 2016 third Yunding award

in addition to continuing the two modes of conference and exhibition, The China Station of the fourth global Cloud Computing Conference 2016 has further enriched the content and forms of activities in the same period, including the third Yunding award selection, enterprise CIO high-end seminar, women's it Leadership Forum, buyer matching and other value-added services, which will effectively improve the participation value and optimize the experience of participants. A few days ago, various applications are in progress. The conference tickets are as low as 60% off, and the registration is free to visit the exhibition. Interested people in the industry can participate according to their needs. They can report the peak torque as early as possible and enjoy the early bird discount

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