Hottest 2015 Chongqing instrument industry plannin

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In 2015, the planned sales revenue of Chongqing's instrument and meter industry was 20billion

the equipment manufacturing industry is the core component of the manufacturing industry and the foundation of industrial development. As one of the old industrial bases in China, Chongqing's equipment manufacturing industry has always been an important part of the city's industry. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the city's equipment industry made a major breakthrough on the basis of consolidating the existing foundation, and will not change for several decades. The scale of the industry exceeded 150billion, which is second only to automobiles in the pillar industries. The general machine output accounts for 40% of the country, and 1 in the world has 3.3% of potential health risks

however, Chongqing's equipment manufacturing industry still has deficiencies in terms of basic product quality requirements, parts R & D and manufacturing capacity, system design and general contracting capacity, and high-end equipment manufacturing capacity. It lacks fist products with large scale and impact, and the equipment manufacturing industry urgently needs to solve the problem. By 2015, the intelligent precision instrument industry plans to achieve a sales revenue of 20billion yuan

among them, we will focus on the development of automation instruments and meters for major projects such as ten million tons of oil refining, one million tons of ethylene or aromatics, advanced sensors, radio frequency identification systems (RFID), mutual inductors, lightning arresters, field control systems and other precision instruments and meters, intelligent meters such as intelligent flow meters, intelligent transmitters, actuators, regulating valves, analytical instruments, as well as industrial integrated decentralized control systems (DCS), micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) Fieldbus control system (FCS) and other high-end systems have built an important R & D and production base of national digital instruments and meters

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