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2016 computer assembly tutorial: the sixth generation i7

diy, the abbreviation of do it yourself, translates to "do it yourself". For DIY computers, many installation users buy accessories and then assemble them into a computer host by themselves. Although there are only a few computer accessories, they can't do it without veteran guidance. I believe you also have no friends who can assemble computers, It doesn't matter that you can install one system at most. Some computer assembly tutorials are often updated in the installation tutorial column of installation home. You can complete the assembly according to the step-by-step operation of the tutorial. Below, installation home will share with you the 2016 computer assembly tutorial, which is the latest sixth generation platform, and you can refer to any configuration

family photos of all hardware

before installation, First of all, let's introduce the configuration of Intel's sixth generation skylake platform:

2016 computer assembly tutorial: sixth generation i/gtx960 computer assembly tutorial illustration

accessory name

brand model

Intel Core I

sotai gtx960 graphics card

shadow Chi Hof mingrentang 4gb*2 DDR4 2400 memory

ASUS b150progamingaura

120GB OCZ solid state

patriot moonlight box T10

Xingu gp600t titanium version

The installation tutorial provided by the installation home

the above is the computer configuration of the installation, so don't refer to the configuration. We just demonstrate the whole process of installation, so the hardware is patchwork. Before installation, we prepare some tools, such as screwdriver and silicone grease. Generally, if your radiator comes with silicone grease, we don't need it:

after preparing the required tools, let's formally assemble the computer

I. installation process of CPU in the installation tutorial

first, we install the CPU into the CPU slot of the motherboard, take the motherboard out of the box, and put it on the top of the motherboard box, as shown in the following figure:

before installation, first determine whether the motherboard you choose is compatible with your CPU. You must pay attention to the selection. If the interface is different, forced installation will cause the pin of the CPU slot of the motherboard to bend, and seriously directly scrap the motherboard, For example, the i7 6700 processor needs to be equipped with an Intel 100 series motherboard, that is, LGA 1151 interface

first, we open the pull rod beside the CPU slot of the motherboard. The black plastic protective cover of the CPU does not need to be removed. It will automatically fall off when installing the CPU later

open the CPU pressing plate, and then we can put the CPU into the CPU slot of the motherboard. Note that the CPU slot should correspond to the gap of the CPU, and the three anti stay positions are very obvious, as shown in the following figure:

generally, there is a dot mark on the edge of the CPU slot of the motherboard, we only need to align the triangle mark of the CPU with the dot mark on the motherboard and install it, Some masters have effectively promoted the healthy development of all biomedical material industries. The board may be marked by other shapes, which are similar to each other. After the CPU is placed in the CPU slot, cover the pressing plate and restore the pull rod

after the pull rod returns, the black plastic cover plate pops up automatically

cpu installation completed! When installing the CPU, you must pay attention to the pins in the CPU socket. Don't bend them. Although the installation process is simple, you must be careful

tighten the joint by hand

before installing the CPU radiator, we need to apply heat dissipation silicone grease. If there is silicone grease at the bottom of the CPU radiator, it is not necessary to apply silicone grease again. It can be divided into low alloy steel (total content of alloy elements B. medium alloy steel (5% ≤ total content of alloy elements ≤ 10%); c. High alloy steel (the total content of alloy elements is 10%) and so on, so as to prevent overflow, a small amount of it can be applied evenly

apply silicone grease on the center of CPU

because the Intel original radiator is a downward pressure heat dissipation, we can install it in any direction. Of course, in order to plug the power supply line into the power supply interface of the motherboard more conveniently, we must first find the CPU marked on the motherboard_ Fan's 4Pin interface, and then select a suitable "body position" to install the radiator, as shown in the above figure. If you choose a side blowing radiator, be sure to ensure that the cooling fan blows the hot air towards the backplane, which is more conducive to the heat discharge inside the chassis, as shown in the following figure:

the installation of Intel original radiator is very simple. You only need to rotate the four snaps to the figure, pull them out, align them with the installation position, and gently press the four snaps, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click

after installing the CPU radiator, be sure to remember to supply power to the CPU radiator, as shown in the following figure. Plug the power supply interface of the CPU radiator into the CPU of the motherboard_ It can be on the interface of fan (it will be marked on the motherboard)

after the power plug is plugged in, the CPU radiator is installed. Previous page 123 next page

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