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The 17th China Qingdao International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition 2015 Cpre will be grandly opened at 9:00 on August 3

Cpre the 17th China Qingdao International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition will be grandly held at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on August, After 16 successful sessions, it has become "the exhibition follows the market development trend, locks in professional buyers around the Bohai Bay, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and builds an efficient platform for the best exchange of new technologies and market consultation. The exhibition covers an area of 40000 square meters, and the" 17th China Qingdao International Industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition "is held at the same time." "2015 China (Qingdao) International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Logistics Equipment Expo and Trade Fair". At the same time, on August, the Jinnuo machine tool exhibition in Jimo exhibition area was held together. There is a free shuttle bus in the north square of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The manufacturing industry chain event is sure to make your trip worthwhile

super large-scale exhibition, buyers of well-known brands at home and abroad gathered together

Cpre exhibits include extruders and extrusion production lines, injection molding machines, chemical and raw materials, semi-finished products, pre-processing, recycling machinery and equipment, auxiliary equipment, measurement control and testing equipment, decoration, printing and printing machinery and equipment, molds, blow molding machines and other well-known exhibitors, including well-known exhibitors in China and Taiwan, Haitian, Zhenxiong, yizhimi Taichung Jingji, fuqiangxin, Fengtie, Dayu, AGCO, general motors, jiamingsi bituo, kaidiwei, Xinyi electric heating, Baiwang, Wensui, Weili, huare, China aerospace, Jinwei, Tongda, ala, Mingda, Tongjia, Dacheng, Dalit, xinhuida, changlongxing, Yuko, Lianguan, fuckeji, Zhengwei, Shibang, Fengyuan, Haitao, Jingcheng, arnoli, Jianyi engineering, weista, Zhengwei, Deren, double star color sculpture Dongnan, Sinochem, Baoli, dawn, Wantong, Juner, Lu Yan, Bonnie, Meizi, eiser, Sibur, etc

"the 17th China Qingdao International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition 2015" provides a platform for knowledge sharing, international cooperation, and new business opportunities, and brings opportunities for promoting trade development and promoting key work to achieve the expected goals and industrial transformation and upgrading

high quality forum salon event, 33 annual hot topics

the establishment of "information and wisdom" society group of Shandong Association for science and technology and "made in China 2025 and smart Shandong" development forum. Under the tide of "made in China 2025", the huge outlet of intelligent manufacturing will bring huge investment opportunities. This forum aims to discuss the transformation of the country from a "large manufacturing country" to a "powerful manufacturing country"; Made in China 2025 and smart Shandong development forum development forum. Experts in the industry and government leaders will be invited to hold special forums on cold chain logistics, e-commerce logistics and integrated transportation respectively; Seven technical salons of "Automation Engineer growth Salon" hosted by Zhonghua Industrial Control Co., Ltd. looked at the future development of technology from the perspective of the whole industry and cast quality with the spirit of craftsman; 2015 China International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and logistics preparation Expo and Trade Fair forum. 10 keynote speeches, bringing together well-known experts and scholars in the industry to see how the collision between logistics and interconnection sparks; Promotion of automation products and technology applications. Combine the high quality of products with the application of technology to interpret the beauty of industry; 2015 Cpre China Qingdao International Plastic and rubber industry forum. Gather experts and scholars to shape and display the real-time communication such as the real-time height, speed and real impact rate of the falling hammer in the process of the experiment through the PC. material molding has insight into the development of new processing technologies in the industry, the research and development of natural Eucommia rubber plastic dual shape memory materials and other professional topics; 2015 forklift skills competition finals. The youth civilization, all-round team, radical team and excellent team will be selected in the team finals respectively. The first one will be selected in the individual finals, and then the sample will be loaded to the third place through the movement of the beam of the experimental machine

on August, "2015 Cpre 17th China Qingdao International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition" is looking forward to your arrival. It has complete functions, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance

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