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China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry faces 100billion business opportunities

[introduction: by 2020, the total investment in nuclear power construction will reach about 300billion yuan, including about 150billion yuan of equipment investment. If the equipment localization rate reaches 60% - 70%, then China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises will face a huge cake of more than 100billion yuan. At the China Nuclear Power Localization forum held a few days ago, a participant exclaimed that the opportunity for the nuclear power equipment industry is coming.]

great opportunities are brewing in the market

as a mature technology. Safety of mass production. Economics. Clean energy and nuclear power will have more room for development in China's long-term plan

at present, nuclear power units account for only 1.8% of China's total installed power capacity, and power generation accounts for only 2.3%. But this situation is gradually changing. According to the planning assumption of the national energy structure adjustment, the leading group for nuclear power localization of the State Council proposed that by 2020, nuclear power should account for 4% of the total installed power generation capacity in the country, accounting for 6% of the total power generation, that is, the scale of nuclear power operation will reach 36-40 million KW. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to start the construction of about 30 million KW nuclear power units between 2004 and 2015

although the proportion of 4% and 6% is still very low, the absolute number is not small. It should be said that there is already a scale of industrialization. It can be expected that the whole nuclear power industry related to nuclear power construction will also accelerate its development. Xu Bujin, chairman of the Zhejiang nuclear society, pointed out that from a long-term perspective, the development potential of the industry will not be ignored for the localization of nuclear power and the development of related enterprises. In addition to the market before the construction of nuclear power, during the operation period after the completion of nuclear power, the overhaul and daily maintenance of equipment require various services, such as the replacement of some auxiliary equipment and the maintenance of objects. Provision of consumable materials, etc

according to experts from Qinshan nuclear power, during the normal operation of the five reactors in Qinshan, the annual service cost is about 2billion yuan. In addition, China has determined that the development of nuclear power should realize the autonomy of large units as soon as possible. Localization and marketization, implement the policy of adopting advanced technology and the technical route of unified temperature control with high accuracy, and actively promote the development of nuclear power. However, from the analysis of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry, China's nuclear power has not formed a complete industrial chain. There are more than 300 systems in a nuclear power plant, which requires tens of thousands of large and small parts/sets. At present, the supporting manufacturers in China are very scattered, and they are in urgent need of integration and optimization. This brings opportunities for relevant enterprises to enter the nuclear power equipment industry

the experience of Qinshan Phase II equipment procurement shows that nuclear grade special equipment accounts for 25% of the total number of equipment and 54% of the total equipment investment; Other non nuclear equipment accounts for 75% of the total quantity and 46% of the total investment. There is still a great demand for enterprises that produce a large number of non nuclear general equipment

the participation of enterprises has achieved a breakthrough of zero

without good economy, there can be no long-term vitality. Taking the road of marketization is the inevitable choice for the development of nuclear power. The marketization of nuclear power industry will further break the monopoly of nuclear power construction in the past, increase the degree of openness, and create new opportunities for more local enterprises to enter the nuclear power industry

xulianyi, director of 1.2 support materials of nuclear power office of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that now all enterprises are very active in the manufacturing of nuclear power equipment. It is not entirely the reason for profit. The production of nuclear power equipment is highly technical, and only mass production can be beneficial. Enterprises see manufacturing nuclear power equipment as an opportunity to prove their equipment manufacturing capabilities. In addition, it is good for the creation of corporate image and long-term benefits. Obviously, enterprises hope to produce nuclear power products. Build a high-quality brand to obtain a larger connected market

Zhejiang Province, which is expected to become the largest nuclear power base in China in the near future, has set its goal on the manufacturing of nuclear power auxiliary equipment, such as pumps. Valves. Fan. Pressure vessels. Cable. Supports and hangers. Cable tray. Chemical materials. Switch cabinet. Instruments, etc. Xu Bujin believes that these are the areas where enterprises in Zhejiang Province have competitive advantages at this stage and can make a difference

in fact, enterprises in Zhejiang Province have achieved a zero breakthrough in their participation in auxiliary equipment of nuclear power plants, such as Hangzhou Boiler Plant in the machinery industry. Zhejiang Shangfeng company and others have undertaken the production of deaerator. Condenser. Low pressure heater and heating. Ventilation and air conditioning equipment, etc; It will also be beneficial to speed up the transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities. Wire and cable products have also been used in nuclear power plants

take another look at Shanghai, which has a solid foundation in the nuclear power equipment industry. In order to meet the development of the third generation nuclear power technology, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. has invested more than 3 billion yuan to build a Lingang heavy machinery and equipment base in Lingang New City, Shanghai, which specializes in the production of large-scale nuclear power equipment, including the main equipment of the nuclear island and steam turbines and generators of more than one million KW. At the same time, it can also produce 200000 kW high-temperature gas cooled reactor pressure vessels and other heavy equipment. After completion, the equipment base can produce 2.5 sets of million kilowatt nuclear power equipment per year, and will become a modern nuclear power equipment manufacturing base in Shanghai

shenwenquan, deputy director of the science and Technology Commission of China National Nuclear Corporation, said that domestic equipment suppliers also have to work hard. Nuclear power industry is a high-tech strategic industry. It has become a measure of a country's economy in the world today. Technology. Electricity. An important symbol of industrial level. Nuclear power equipment is a special kind of equipment, which not only has high technical content, but also has high requirements for quality and performance. For example, domestic circulating pumps now rarely meet the requirements

encourage private capital to enter

Xu Bujin believes that the policy should further clarify the marketization process of nuclear power construction. The development of nuclear power industry in the world can not be separated from the strong support of government policies. Similarly, the government should give policy support to enterprises that provide equipment and services for nuclear power construction. It is suggested that relevant departments should conduct investigation and Research on this issue and formulate supporting policies

he proposed that measures should be taken to promote private capital to enter the nuclear power industry

data show that the 700billion yuan of available private capital in Zhejiang has basically flowed to all areas of the country; Wenzhou alone has at least 100billion yuan of capital flowing to other provinces

Hangzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China used mathematical statistics and surveys to draw an accurate conclusion about Zhejiang's private wealth for the first time: during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang's private deposits will reach 830 billion yuan. Since this year, private capital has flowed into electricity. Road and bridge, public transportation, aviation and other former investment forbidden areas, so the vitality and potential of private capital by using wire wound high-precision linear resistance converter to measure displacement are increasingly evident. Relevant enterprises that want to enter the nuclear power industry chain must need a large amount of funds in order to improve their own technical capacity and technical level. It is worth thinking about guiding the huge private capital of Zhejiang to invest more in the nuclear power industry chain

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