China's packaging industry has an unlimited future

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There is no end to development: the future of China's packaging industry is limitless (2)

metal packaging: Golden iron horse, breaking out of the encirclement

so far, the quality of the main products produced in China has reached the level of similar products in advanced countries, and the barrels and cans required by foreign investors are basically domestic products. From the analysis of the completion of the plan during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, there is development in the ups and downs, and the comprehensive trend is still rising steadily. In particular, the growth of a number of large-scale enterprises has laid a solid foundation for the development of the industry. Industry employees overcame the peak after peak of raw material price rise in recent years and the resistance of price transfer to downstream industries. The actual output was 2.4 million tons (including barrel making), and the industrial added value was 3.69 billion yuan. Among them, there are 7billion aluminum cans, 950million aerosol cans, 60million steel barrels

glass packaging: peaks and valleys, fog breaking direct flights

the output is 7.8522 million tons, of which bottled beer accounts for 75-80% of the annual output of 29 million kiloliters of beer. The main products are beer bottles, liquor bottles, infusion bottles, beverage bottles, cans, pesticide bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. According to the supervision of quality inspection institutions, the qualified rate of beer bottles has increased year by year, reaching more than 90%. In resource and energy intensive industries, the cost of energy accounts for about 40% of the total cost of products. With the integration of domestic energy and raw material prices with the international market, the linkage effect on the pattern of the industry and the overall economic benefits is obvious, and has been in a low-speed growth stage in recent years

packaging and printing: it is developing rapidly, and the Ming Dynasty is more brilliant

in 2004, China's domestic retail consumer goods of more than 400 billion yuan and nearly 500 billion US dollars of export goods need packaging and printing support, and various high-end packaging and printing, bill printing, certificate printing, certificate printing, and the same standard often gives different sample sizes for different materials, and the demand for ticket printing, banknote printing, etc. continues to expand, To the direction of mid-range and high-end diversification and polychromism. Driven by it, such as flexographic printing machine, gravure printing production line, full-automatic bronzing machine, digital color printing machine integrating CTP plate making technology and printing machine technology high "Our goal is to provide the toughest and lightest materials, new technologies, advertising production lines and other high-end special printing machines rich in the latest scientific and technological achievements. The import of all kinds of high-end special printing machines has increased significantly.

packaging equipment: sometimes, the wind and waves will break through, and the clouds will sail directly to the sea.

since the reform and opening up, the state has vigorously supported the development of private and non-public economies. At present, the enterprises of special equipment for the packaging industry have changed from the past single public ownership Economic development is a pattern in which multiple economic components coexist. Driven by the wave of market economy, foreign-funded enterprises have developed the fastest

with the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's food and packaging machinery industry, with a single block value of no less than that of products, made major achievements in developing isoprene rubber and supporting the development of isobutene to synthesize isoprene 2; Develop silicone rubber, solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber and rare earth cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber; The development of halogenated butyl, hydrochinobutyronitrile and other rubber with special properties has made remarkable achievements. The product sales revenue reached 55.8164 billion yuan, an increase of 21.34% over 46 billion yuan in 2003, which is the highest growth year in recent 10 years. It is estimated that the total domestic market demand will reach 85billion yuan in 2005, and the total sales of domestic enterprises are expected to exceed 62billion yuan. The market demand for special equipment for China's packaging industry is increasing

the special production equipment for corrugated boxes in China has been gradually developed on the basis of introducing and imitating international advanced equipment. Now we can produce more advanced corrugated board production line, water-based printing slotting machine, flat pressing die-cutting machine and other equipment

at present, the honeycomb paperboard production line produced in China has basically reached the advanced level of foreign countries in the 1990s. The main technical parameters of honeycomb paper core and paperboard production equipment at home and abroad are basically similar. The height of honeycomb paper core and the thickness of honeycomb paperboard vary with user requirements, and the speed of paper core can reach m/min

according to incomplete statistics, the output value of China's plastic knitting machinery in 2003 was about 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20% over 2002. It is reported that the export volume of China's plastic knitting machinery accounts for 38% of the world's plastic knitting machinery export volume. Some experts predict that the export volume of China's plastic knitting machinery may account for more than 50% of the world's plastic knitting machinery export volume by 2008

since 1995, the pulp molding industry has made a new leap in China. By the late 1990s, it began to move towards scale and industrialization. At present, domestic pulp molding equipment can not only be supplied domestically, but also have production lines exported abroad

based on domestic packaging information, there are five major categories of packaging machinery with strong market demand. Including complete sets of corrugated box machinery, pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery, complete sets of food machinery and equipment, complete sets of beer and beverage canning equipment, fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping packaging equipment. Corrugated box (box) printing equipment ranks first in five categories

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