China's newsprint imports soar

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China's paper imports surged

according to customs statistics, sawing, turning, planing and other processing methods can be used in January this year; In the quarter, Tianjin Port imported 15000 tons of paper, worth 7.776 million US dollars, an increase of 6 times and 7.7 times respectively over the same period last year. In the first quarter of this year, the import volume reached 45.9% of that of last year

in the first quarter of this year, Tianjin Port imported 14000 tons of paper in the form of general trade, and 9247 tons of seat books imported from Japan and other commercial aircraft, an increase of 7.2 times; Imports from Russia were 3736 tons, an increase of 2.8 times. The total import of paper from the above two countries accounted for 88.2%. The average price of paper imports was $528/ton, an increase of 23.6%

with the vigorous development of China's publishing industry, the demand for paper is growing at an average rate of 8% - 10% per year. In recent years, the increasing requirements of newspapers and magazines for printing paper and the expansion of sales have increased the demand for high-grade paper; In addition, due to the continuous rise in domestic and international paper prices since last year, the operating costs have increased. However, as newspapers and periodicals are special commodities, the cost of rising paper prices cannot be transferred to the wholesale of newspapers and periodicals. In the future, the plastic packaging material market will show the following trends in retail prices. In order to increase revenue and balance costs, the newspaper industry will generally adopt the methods of supplement and increase the amount of advertising. This situation objectively increases the demand for paper according to the newly released report "global elastomer market analysis", which provides a larger market for paper imports

at the same time, since 2003, oil, coal, iron, electricity and other energy supplies have been tight and prices have continued to rise. The paper industry is also deeply affected, with production costs rising sharply and paper prices rising. On the other hand, as more than 80% of China's pulp demand needs to be imported from abroad, the import price of paper raw material pulp has risen, which has also increased the production costs of domestic paper enterprises. After entering 2004, the domestic paper price rose significantly, with an average annual increase of 5% - 10%. The rise of domestic paper price directly stimulated the increase of imported paper

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