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China's "alcoholic beverage" market demand is large, foreign investment peeps

Qi Dehui, China's managing director of France's Pernod Ricard group, the global spirits supplier that has just completed this year's largest company merger and acquisition, said in an exclusive interview in Shanghai a few days ago that Pernod Ricard has become the largest foreign wine group entering China, accounting for half of the market share, and will further expand the Chinese market with great potential, However, due to the particularity of the liquor industry, we will also emphasize industry self-discipline while expanding our business

at the end of July this year, the former third-largest business in the world, Pernod Ricard group, together with fortune brands of the United States, jointly acquired allied Domecq, the world's second-largest liquor company. News came from Paris that the two sides successfully completed the transaction involving an amount of up to 10.7 billion euros (about 14 billion US dollars), making Pernod Ricard the second largest spirits and wine group in the world and the largest outside the United States

According to Qi Dehui's analysis, the Chinese market has a huge demand for alcoholic beverages, but the competitor of foreign wine that has recently entered the Chinese market is not China's traditional liquor industry such as Baijiu and yellow rice wine, but a specific emerging market. Although the current foreign wine market in China is not large, with the development of China's economy, the medical compound manufacturer has 13 compound production lines, which are increasingly diversified, including Ricard, ballantine`s, Chivas Regal, Kahlua Martell and other well-known brands, such as baolelika, put a √ before entering the pilot information market, which meets this demand. Pernod Ricard will further study and understand the Chinese market and introduce more brands and products into China

statistics show that the annual growth rate of the global liquor market from 2003 to 2008 will exceed 15%, the total consumption in 2008 will exceed 3billion boxes, and the global sales will be close to 190billion US dollars. The Asian market, especially China, will become the most important growth pole of the world foreign wine market in the next few years. Experts have analyzed that with the opening of China's retail industry to foreign investment at the end of last year, foreign high-end luxury goods, including well-known brand spirits, will focus on China in the next round of market competition

Qi Dehui also said that as a major enterprise in the liquor industry, while actively expanding its business, Pernod Ricard is also aware of the society and has long been committed to actively advocating rational drinking globally. This year, Pernod Ricard has cooperated with the China Road Traffic Safety Association to carry out a series of public welfare activities to "say no to drunk driving" loaded by hydraulic cylinders across the country. In addition, Pernod Ricard also promised that it would not publicize the semi-automatic impact testing machine for drinking against or to minors in commercial communication, and would not imply that drinking can enhance mental or physiological abilities and sexual abilities in any media communication such as advertising. These practices of industry self-regulation have been widely accepted in Europe

source: Xinhua luwenjun

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