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Medical device Market briefing: the prospect of China's medical electronics industry is promising

as people pay more and more attention to health and physical care, and the acceleration of electronic and information technology in the medical industry, medical electronics, as a new industry, shows great market potential. It is predicted that the global medical equipment market will exceed 200billion US dollars by 2010, of which medical electronics will reach 90billion US dollars. From the perspective of the Chinese market, under the influence of several favorable factors such as the accelerated economic development, the accelerated process of hospital informatization and the changes in relevant national policies, the scale of China's medical electronics market continued to accelerate, with sales exceeding 20billion yuan, reaching 21.08 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6% year-on-year, It is significantly higher than the growth level of similar markets in the world. It is expected that the growth trend of China's medical electronics market will remain unchanged in the next few years, and the scale of China's medical electronics market is expected to be close to 50billion yuan in 2011. Diagnosis, monitoring and preventive analysis are the three major development directions of medical electronics. In terms of specific equipment, large-scale medical electronic equipment is developing "rapidly and accurately" in image processing and signal pickup, while small-scale medical electronic equipment is developing to portable household

China's medical device imports will maintain a steady growth this year

China's medical device imports will maintain a steady growth this year. High end medical devices have entered the upgrading period. At present, about 70% of China's high-end medical devices are products from the 1970s and 1980s. Their upgrading process is a process of demand release. From the perspective of global R & D and industrial distribution of high-end products, they are mainly distributed in Europe and the United States, especially high-tech products such as cardiovascular intervention and plastic surgery materials. Domestic production is still in its infancy, Multinational giants firmly grasp the leading edge of technology, and the import of high-end products will continue to grow. In addition, under the background of the rapid growth of China's foreign trade exports and the continuous expansion of trade surplus, encouraging the import of high-tech products is an important guide to optimize the structure of trade products in foreign trade policies in recent years. Especially in the context of the "Sino US drug and medical device cooperation agreement" signed between China and the United States at the end of last year, China's medical device industry will be affected to a certain extent this year. In this regard, while further strengthening supervision, the competent government departments have issued a series of policies to guide enterprises to use China's market to attract high-end product outsourcing to China and encourage foreign investment in higher-end medical equipment, so as to guide the upgrading of the domestic medical device industry, which is more conducive to the development of the domestic industry than simply encouraging the import of medical devices

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Neusoft medical MRI new product

superstar0.35t panoramic open permanent magnetic resonance imaging system is Neusoft medical's flagship product. This product extracts the most cutting-edge hardware and software technology, adopts Neusoft panoramic open system design and world-class magnet technology, and is the perfect combination of superconducting technology and permanent magnet technology. Its superconducting technology advantages are fast scanning speed, excellent image quality and strong software function application. Moreover, the permanent magnet technology advantages are panoramic opening comfort, low scanning noise and low operation and maintenance cost. Superstar0.35t panoramic open permanent magnetic resonance imaging system has extremely powerful advantageous functions. Its design pays more attention to intelligence and humanization. It has the most advanced imaging sequence and rich clinical application software package. Its operation process is more efficient and can complete various clinical examinations with high quality. At present, this superstar0.35t panoramic open permanent magnetic resonance imaging system with high platform, high configuration, query and other necessary functions and high performance has led the new development trend of low field MRI, and its market share has risen rapidly at home and abroad, and has been widely praised by users at home and abroad

Beijing Wandong new open magnetic resonance imaging system

Beijing Wandong I_ Open0.36t adopts a series of advanced technologies to improve image quality, and all technical parameters have reached the international and domestic advanced level. At the same time, a series of optimization was carried out for clinical application, which increased the comfort of patients, examination speed and patient passing rate. This product has a number of independent intellectual property rights and patented technology, and provides a high-quality clinical examination environment for clinic with clear images, perfect sequences and powerful software. Beijing Wandong I_ Open0.36t has passed the FDA certification of the United States and the CE certification of the European Union. This product has been exported to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and other countries, and has been recognized by international peers and users

Xi'an Jizhi medical launched a new mobile C-arm X-ray machine

jz06 (megapixel) mobile C-arm X-ray machine is the only mobile C-arm X-ray machine with digital gig-e Gigabit transmission system in China launched by Xi'an Jizhi medical equipment Technology Co., Ltd. It directly transmits digital signals through Gigabit. There is no a/d conversion in the transmission process, and there will be no signal distortion. Compared with the domestic C-arm X-ray machine with 400000 pixel analog signal output, it has a great improvement in image clarity, which can reach 22lp/cm. With the support of computer image processing software, the image system can process the transmitted image in real time, such as noise reduction, gain, brightening, sharpening, window width, window level, etc. the powerful real-time image processing function and humanized mode setting make the image clearer and more convenient for clinical application

Jiangsu Haiming develops the first domestic deep tumor radiotherapy equipment

Yangzhou high-tech enterprise Jiangsu Haiming medical building materials flammability test method GB 8626 (8) medical equipment company relies on the military advantages of the 723 Research Institute. After more than ten years of research and development, it has successively launched rear mounted radiotherapy machines, analog positioning machines Large and medium-sized radiotherapy such as two-photon medium energy medical linear accelerator is the reputation evaluation equipment of the same industry for the brand of the company's experimental machine, which provides complete solutions for radiotherapy centers for hospitals at all levels, thereby minimizing the amount of processing required. In the continuous efforts, Hemingway medical equipment company "joined hands" with the Department of physics of Nanjing University, grinding a sword for ten years, successfully developed hm-j-16 medical electronic linear accelerator, which can carry out deep tumor radiotherapy, and successfully developed "medical equipment remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system", which filled the technical gap in this professional field in China and ended the long history of importing deep tumor radiotherapy equipment from abroad

Chongqing Institute of technology has successfully developed an intelligent monitor for anesthesia safety

Professor Zhou Qi of the school of bioengineering of Chongqing Institute of technology led the research group to build an intelligent anesthesia safety index model by integrating anesthesia related parameter signals (auditory evoked potential AAI index, EEG BIS index, heart rate variability index, brain oxygen status index, etc.) on the basis of monitoring anesthesia analgesia, sedation, muscle relaxation and other related basic parameters, And develop new sensors for signal acquisition and amplification, and develop an intelligent monitor of anesthesia safety. The anesthesia safety intelligent monitor can provide the monitoring function of various human physiological parameters such as anesthesia depth, five lead ECG, respiration, noninvasive blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, etc. according to different applications. It also has the functions of arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, data and waveform storage and printing, joint monitoring, etc. At present, this achievement has developed a prototype and obtained the medical device registration certificate. After industrialization, it is expected to be applied in clinical monitoring and treatment in operating rooms, ICU, CCU wards and so on

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