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Reflections on the difficulties in the implementation of "ubiquitous power IOT" in power companies

the first level of understanding (ubiquitous business process): management improvement requires the combination of power IOT and power business informatization to realize the connection between it and OT and the integration of energy, information and business

the second level of understanding (industry links are ubiquitous): the interaction between supply and demand requires the extension of power IOT to the full value chain, especially the user side, so as to become an information hub and basic technology platform in the energy field

the third level of understanding (ubiquitous in the energy field): multi energy collaboration requires the development of power IOT to various energy fields such as cold, heat, gas, water, etc., so as to support the integrated energy services on the user side; And further realize cross domain integration with smart life, smart transportation, smart manufacturing, etc., to support the implementation of the overall strategy of national industry 4.0

the first level of understanding belongs to the scope of enterprise digitalization and internal management improvement, and the participation of social parties is limited; In the second level of understanding, there are also some difficulties in extending to the source end (because large enterprises at the source end may also want to drain their own standards, so in the near future, it may be more important to connect with "ubiquitous power IOT" through interfaces). At the current stage, according to the standard of "hub type, pinbasf new material solutions to make driving more comfortable, platform type and sharing type", The key breakthrough that can be considered is to build an "energy IOT" for end-users of energy

II. Understanding of the necessity of "ubiquitous power IOT"

if we put "ubiquitous power IOT" first on the "energy IOT" for energy end users, and apply the interconnection thinking to create an "information service platform" to serve all interested parties in the energy consumption link, realize the energy consumption data collection and energy consumption behavior monitoring of enterprises, and provide users with various types of rich data and information services, so as to attract users, manufacturers With the continuous increase of users and users such as the government, it will become the engine to promote the development of integrated energy services

1. "Energy IOT" is the strategic commanding height of integrated energy services.

the ultimate goal of "energy IOT" is to create brand-new data information based on the new technology of cloud, big, physical and mobile Internet, and promote the deep 2.4 automatic storage of energy flow, information flow and business flow: the automatic storage degree of experimental data and experimental conditions is integrated, so as to support integrated energy utilization and integrated energy services. After mastering this picture, you will master users and data, and then you can naturally carry out user, data and value operations, provide better user experience, innovate and explore rich types of comprehensive energy services, support the vigorous development of many projects including equipment, hardware, software, services, finance, and create a new ecosystem of energy interconnection. Therefore, "energy IOT" is not only the hub connecting equipment and business, but also the hub connecting users, service providers, energy enterprises and the government

2, "energy IOT" is the common demand of the government, users, energy service providers and society

the national industrial upgrading requirements, the strengthening of government governance and supervision, the optimization of the business environment in the park, the lean internal management of enterprises, the maximization of market transaction benefits, and the innovation of manufacturers' comprehensive energy services all need to be based on quantitative information. The traditional extensive management needs to be changed urgently. Interconnection + "smart energy" is the inevitable transformation direction of traditional energy, and the growing demand for energy information in society needs to be met urgently. Therefore, the development of "energy IOT" has its practical necessity. With the continuous reduction of technology costs, it can help provide a steady stream of very cheap data and information services to support the work and management needs of all parties. Therefore, "energy IOT" can effectively promote the sharing of data and technical resources

3. The new business model based on platform is the key to the differentiated competition of integrated energy services

the comprehensive energy services of end-users are competitive markets. At present, the innovation of business models is insufficient and the homogenization is serious. Most of them are still in the stage of finding and doing projects. The work is difficult to carry out and the effect is not obvious. Building a platform to accumulate traffic resources such as users and information can help reduce the cost of comprehensive energy services and realize the continuous expansion of comprehensive energy service types and projects, that is to say, it can help greatly realize the "open source" of comprehensive energy service projects. The excavation and innovation of a large number of projects are conducive to the integration and service mode optimization of many comprehensive energy service manufacturers, so as to reduce the service cost, and the open-loop new automatic printing experimental report system can be developed. All "energy IOT" is conducive to the transformation of platform oriented integrated energy operators, such as improving power performance and accelerating performance, and realizing the flow and sharing of comprehensive energy service resources in the whole society through ecological integration

III. innovative thinking on the service content and business model of "ubiquitous power IOT" benefiting many parties

on the user side, the creation of "energy IOT" is only a foundation. The key is to continuously increase the number of platform users and energy consumption data, accumulate flow resources, continue to attract ecological partners to join the platform, and innovate a new model of integrated energy services, so that users, manufacturers, governments Both social subjects and power companies benefit, so as to truly shape a new ecosystem

in terms of serving the government, we can use the platform to accurately grasp the energy consumption information of enterprises, ensure the implementation of the government's industrial policies on new energy development, demand side management, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety, and support the management needs of people's livelihood, finance, taxation and other fields to improve the overall governance and park management level

in terms of serving energy consuming enterprises, based on data monitoring, analysis and mining technology, we can timely, accurately and comprehensively find the problems and improvement space of equipment asset management, energy load optimization, price package selection in the process of energy consumption, so as to help continuously improve the safety, economy, quality and environmental protection level of energy consumption

in terms of serving energy manufacturers, we can integrate the resources of various equipment, hardware, software and service providers to form a sound alliance of integrated energy service manufacturers according to the problems that enterprises need to solve and the needs they meet. At the same time, we can realize the accurate promotion of opportunities for integrated energy service projects through the portraits of enterprises and service providers, and promote transaction matching through financial products, so that users can get cost-effective integrated energy services

in terms of serving the public, it is committed to breaking through the barriers between water, electricity, gas and heat related industries, achieving comprehensive data collection and effective integration, and becoming a set of social shared assets to provide open and equal energy data information services and API interfaces to the public. At the same time, through the ubiquitous power IOT business innovation, it can also create more jobs for the society and promote employment

in terms of serving the main business of electricity, by accessing the energy use information on the user side, we can timely perceive the failure risk on the user side, realize the forward defense of the main business, and improve customer satisfaction and the safe operation level of the system; By connecting the information of upstream and downstream links of power, we can effectively realize the interaction between source and load, improve the overall economy of the power system, and promote the reduction of comprehensive power supply costs

IV. reflection on the difficulties in the implementation of "ubiquitous power IOT" in power companies

power companies have resources, but they may not be able to make good use of them. For example, "Feixin" is a communication service launched by China Mobile, which was first launched in 2007. Relying on the strong user group of China Mobile, Feixin has developed rapidly. But when the mobile Internet came, China Mobile Feixin quickly collapsed. Not only because of the competition of other competitors, but also for their own reasons

1. Respecting the market, serving users and giving full play to creativity

"ubiquitous power IOT" requires a lot of technological breakthroughs, but the difficulty lies in business innovation. However, at present, there is no successful experience at home and abroad in the field of energy interconnection and integrated energy services, and they are competitive businesses, and there are not many opportunities for trial and error. Therefore, all related companies need to take user needs as the starting point, take market awareness and service awareness as the action guidance, encourage innovation and breakthrough, and encourage creativity and thinking, so as to find a way out. It may be difficult to achieve substantive results if you follow the traditional mode of doing things and follow the instructions of the leaders or the back-end, rather than letting the front-line personnel who "can hear the gunfire" command

2. Breaking through constraints and mobilizing the enthusiasm of various parties

power supply stations of power companies, tertiary industries, integrated energy service companies, e-commerce companies, etc. will play a major role in the construction of "ubiquitous power IOT", especially in the use of power supply stations to realize the coordination of user resources and the use of main business resources to realize data sharing. However, how to innovate the incentive mechanism will "increase the price without increasing the amount" for relevant parties, So as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, which is an important proposition that can not be ignored

3. Make full use of existing resources

power companies have a large number of data resources, it and power technology resources, human resources, capital resources, user resources, which can be said to be unique, sitting on the "Golden Mountain" seat. These resources can be used to promote the establishment and business innovation of "ubiquitous power IOT", and can also be directly opened and shared to all parties in the society in line with the provisions of the state and the company, so as to realize the resources

building the "second network" of "ubiquitous power IOT" and shaping a new ecosystem of integrated energy services will greatly promote the realization of the grand vision of comprehensive utilization of energy on the load side, intelligent operation of equipment, and sound service ecosystem, and gradually expand to more applications and wider fields. The blueprint of "energy interconnection" will become a reality step by step and become an important support for national industry 4.0

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