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China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. has ranked first in the industry for 10 years of reform and reorganization

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. has ranked first in the industry for 10 years of reform and reorganization

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Guide: in 2003, after the reform and reorganization, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. finally got out of the quagmire and stood up from the brink of bankruptcy through the successful development of King Steyr series heavy trucks. Ma Chunji, who led the resurgence of SINOTRUK with 20000 employees, was elected as the (first) financial man of Shandong in 2003

In 2003, after reform and reorganization, China Heavy Truck Group finally got out of the quagmire and stood up from the brink of bankruptcy by successfully developing king STYR series heavy trucks. Ma Chunji, who led the resurgence of SINOTRUK with 20000 employees, was elected as the (first) financial man of the year in Shandong in 2003

"at that time, I was honored as a man of the moment in Shandong finance and economics, and there was both honor and pressure. This was not only my personal affirmation, but also my recognition and expectation of China heavy truck. I felt great pressure on how to make China heavy truck take the lead again. But I believe that China heavy truck will rebuild its brilliance." Recently, in an interview with the Economic Herald, Ma Chunji, chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, recalled that he won the top ten financial figures in Shandong 10 years ago, and was filled with emotion

in 2011, China heavy truck sold 160000 complete vehicles, of which the heavy trucks with a displacement of more than 9L ranked first in the industry. At the same time, China's heavy truck export volume and export revenue have ranked first in the domestic heavy truck industry for many consecutive years

independent innovation creates powerful industries

"how to block foreign imported cars as soon as possible after a while is the biggest expectation of national leaders when Steyr technology was introduced. Now, China's heavy trucks have basically realized that high-end cars are not only domestic, but also exported in large quantities." Looking back on the 10-year development history since winning the title of Shandong financial man of the moment, Ma Chunji said frankly that the development of China heavy truck is not only the expansion of scale, but also the enhancement of independent innovation ability and the improvement of product technology content

according to Ma Chunji, sinotruk's cement mixer currently accounts for 70% of the national market, and high-end vehicles such as fire engines are basically made by sinotruk. With the transformation of economic development from investment driven to consumption driven, sanitation vehicles, road sweepers, sprinklers, etc. will usher in the peak consumption. Therefore, sinotruk is adjusting its product structure and market structure

supporting China heavy truck from low-end market to high-end cantilever: the 5.5j, 11j, 22j market is a leap in independent innovation ability. Ma Chunji compares this process like this: "in the past, it was not like painting a gourd with a gourd; later, it was like painting a gourd with a gourd and making a golden gourd; now it is the mutual promotion, coordination and improvement of technology and management in the whole process of heavy truck production."

it is understood that in 2003, through digestion, absorption and re innovation of the imported Steyr technology, sinotruk successfully developed Steyr king series heavy trucks, thus mastering the system integration technology of heavy trucks, and all the assemblies of core components such as cab and engine have achieved independent research, development and production

in the past 10 years, China heavy truck has developed from only one series of 78 models to more than 3000 models in multiple series, with an annual sales growth of more than 30 times. From zero patented technology to more than 1850 national approved patents, it has become the enterprise with the most patents in the heavy truck industry in China. At the same time, sinotruk has made new breakthroughs in new energy vehicles and light-weight vehicles that adapt to future development and are energy-saving and environmental friendly, forming the most complete series of truck products in China

"on the road to becoming a powerful country, heavy vehicles have caught up with the pace of a powerful country, and China's strength has been confirmed by a strong automobile industry." From a government official to a person in charge of a large state-owned enterprise, Ma Chunji always associates the enterprise with the national honor in his heart, and melts this strong consciousness into the enterprise culture, leading the enterprise to leap forward

export achievement "only no loss"

different from the embarrassment that the middle and high-end market of the car industry is almost dominated by foreign brands, China's heavy truck market not only has many independent brands and high market share, but also many heavy truck enterprises have begun to fully implement the internationalization strategy to build a commercial vehicle enterprise with international influence

after opening the door of export in 2003, in 2004, sinotruk fully implemented the internationalization strategy, and the export of finished vehicles exceeded 15000 by 2008. In 2010, sinotruk implemented the export system reform, vigorously implemented the "going out" strategy, and changed the past sitting in Jinan waiting for customers to engage in marketing abroad

it is understood that at present, sinotruk has more than 120 permanent overseas personnel; Foreign network construction has changed from focusing on the growth of quantity to focusing on the improvement of quality and the improvement of overseas after-sales service

"this year, the domestic heavy truck market is in a downturn, and the natural gas heavy truck and export of SINOTRUK have become an important support for us to deal with the crisis." Ma Chunji told the herald that under the severe situation that the domestic heavy truck market fell by 31% year-on-year this year, the internationalization strategy implemented by sinotruk for many years has made its scenery unique. In the first eight months, orders exceeded the export volume of last year, and became the only enterprise in the industry that did not lose money

more importantly, the export of China heavy truck began to penetrate into the high-end market. In May this year, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 400 Euro 5 heavy trucks exported by China heavy truck to Brazil was held in Jinan. This is the first batch production of Euro 5 heavy trucks in China, and also the first batch export of heavy trucks with emission levels above Euro 4

"according to the plan, the export volume of heavy trucks this year will account for 25% of the group's total sales volume, and reach 30% by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan." Ma Chunji said that according to the scientificoutlookondevelopment, it is an important task for sinotruk to promote secondary entrepreneurship and achieve major changes by the end of February this year. The changes from products to market structure will also bring a milestone breakthrough to the heavy truck industry

(2) medical additive manufacturing technology (3D printing technology)

MA Chunji frankly said that as an entrepreneur, it is the responsibility and the highest pursuit to lead the enterprise out of the siege, enter the first tier, go abroad and move towards scientific development. The practice of SINOTRUK has proved that he was elected as one of the top ten financial figures in Shandong 10 years ago, which is the vision of the media, and he deserves it

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