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AP1000 signed the sublicense agreement, and China's nuclear power equipment industry obtained the "birth certificate"

whether the key equipment can be localized is an important yardstick to measure the success of the imported technology

on April 26, the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as national nuclear power) and 22 designated users affiliated to 10 equipment manufacturing groups, including China National Heavy Industry Corporation, China National Heavy Industry Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Harbin Electric Corporation, Shanghai Electric Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, signed the AP1000 third generation nuclear power technology sublicense agreement, which is pregnant with a lucrative business opportunity. It has set the experimental speed, measurement range and other conditions and parameters. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of the rubber fatigue testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. and the operating steps of the equipment. Relevant leaders of technology transferors such as Westinghouse, Doosan Heavy Industries of South Korea and EMD of the United States attended the signing ceremony

Gu Jun, general manager of national nuclear power, said that the signing of the agreement marks that domestic backbone equipment manufacturing enterprises have officially obtained the right to use the AP1000 technology transfer document, and can design and manufacture AP1000 main pumps, reactor pressure vessels, evaporators, squib valves and other key nuclear island equipment. This is a key step for China's third-generation nuclear power to realize the localization of equipment

the introduction work is progressing smoothly

relevant personnel of national nuclear power said that the introduction of AP1000 third-generation nuclear power technology, the unification of technical routes, and the realization of independent development of nuclear power are major strategic decisions made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The signing of this agreement is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of equipment manufacturing enterprises and ensuring the smooth, comprehensive and complete digestion and absorption of AP1000 passive nuclear power technology and the smooth implementation of technology transfer contracts. It is of great significance to improve China's nuclear power autonomy, realize the autonomy of China's third-generation nuclear power technology as soon as possible, promote the safe and efficient development of China's nuclear power industry, and speed up the adjustment of China's energy structure

the signing of this agreement is that the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, under the leadership of government departments, signed another AP1000 technology sublicense agreement with domestic enterprises after reaching a sublicense agreement with China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation on the AP1000 nuclear island design task package on March 11 this year, in accordance with the principle of fair and paid sharing determined by the State Council

at present, the introduction of this technology is generally progressing smoothly. About 80% of the technical documents and software delivery have been completed, about 50% of the technology transfer training and technical services have been completed, and about 50% of the external payments have been completed. The progress of contract implementation basically meets the requirements of the construction of the third-generation nuclear power technology supporting project and the localization of key equipment, ensuring the construction of the supporting project; It has improved the technical capacity and level of China's engineering design, management and nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises, and laid the foundation for the batch construction of China's subsequent three generations of nuclear power projects; It also provides strong technical support for major special research and development of large advanced pressurized water reactors

The AP1000 third generation nuclear power technology transfer is a large-scale technology transfer organized by the national level since China introduced the technology of 300000 and 600000 kW thermal power units in the 1980s. This is by far the largest, most complete and most thorough technology introduction in the field of energy in China. Gu Jun emphasized

looking back at history, the introduction of thermal power units in the last century has played a key role in China's current energy security and the autonomy of power generation equipment. Although there are imperfections, they have made great contributions. Through the process of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, China has become the world's largest producer of thermal power equipment, and has mastered and led the most advanced technology in this field

in contrast, since 2007, the introduction of the world's most advanced third-generation nuclear power technology has been more comprehensive and in-depth. On July 24 of that year, authorized by the State Council, the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation signed a package of five technology transfer contracts on behalf of the country as the sole transferee with six foreign transferors, including Westinghouse, to fully introduce AP1000 third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology. The five technology transfer contracts, in the form of 34 technology transfer task packages, cover four major technical fields, including nuclear island design, key equipment manufacturing, engineering project management, operation and maintenance

among them, the introduction of equipment and material manufacturing technology includes the main equipment of AP1000 reactor (pressure vessel, evaporator, etc.), main pump, squib valve, reactor nuclear fuel handling machine, containment ring crane, etc., which is unprecedented and can be called a reconstruction of China's nuclear equipment manufacturing industry

according to the long list of signing units of AP1000 third generation nuclear power technology equipment manufacturing sublicense agreement provided by national nuclear power, it includes 22 backbone enterprises belonging to China's most important 10 equipment manufacturing groups. They are the core force of made in China and the hope of revitalizing China's equipment industry. The world's most significant growth will give way to qualitative improvement. The introduction of advanced third-generation nuclear power technology will bring them unprecedented opportunities and challenges. With the help of the world's advanced manufacturing enterprises, and with higher levels and stricter standards, the growth of these enterprises will be a significant leap forward

at the signing site of the agreement, it was noted that the relevant personnel of the equipment enterprise not only attended with high standards, but also expressed their heartfelt gratitude in one voice

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