China's newspaper printing industry is also crazy

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Seize the cake of the London Olympic market, Chinese newspaper printing is also crazy

the sadness and joy of the field in front of the London Olympic Games affect the heartstrings of countless Chinese people not to turn the handwheel. The time difference of 8 hours between China and Britain has tortured many sports fans who like the Olympics. Staying up late to watch the game makes people who have to work the next day a little unbearable. People's thirst for Olympic information has also driven the media's crazy share

in addition to the strong reports of the Internet, television and other media, the traditional newspaper industry has not fallen behind, and the Olympic special issue has become a combat weapon for many domestic newspaper groups. On the subway and bus, the Olympic special newspaper provides people who go to work early with fresh Olympic information at the first time

at 5:00 a.m. on July 27, as the first newspaper printed and distributed abroad during the Olympic Games by the media in Chinese Mainland, the first issue of the Olympic special issue of the Legal Evening News, London morning post, was released at the British Sany mirror printing house; The Olympic supplement British style, launched by Tianjin media group's daily news, was also released on the 27th; Beijing News's crazy Olympics, Wuxi's unparalleled, and Chongqing times's Lunyu are all ingenious; Local newspapers also mostly put the information of local athletes winning the championship when many manufacturers choose tensile testing machines on the front page. The headline newspapers are seizing the market cake through their own unique perspective and through the interpretation of rich content such as events, characters and backgrounds

it is understood that due to the proper grasp of the hot spots, most of the Olympic special issues can achieve good sales results after their launch, and even have hot sales and out of stock. July and August are the off-season for newspaper sales, but the Olympic news has a weight of 2.5kg × 3 + 1.25Kg = 8.75kg adds new impetus to newspaper sales

behind every best-selling newspaper, we can imagine the scene of printing factory employees working overtime for typesetting and printing. The production of the special issue is also a great test for the newspaper industry, according to a report by Ducker, an American market research institution. Speed and quality are guaranteed, and the quality printing of the printing factory enables people to grasp the fresh Olympic special with ink fragrance in their hands, and appreciate the style of the Olympic Games at the first time

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